Laundry Room Remodel Nest Interior Design
Nest Interior Design Laundry Room Remodel Before
Laundry room, mudroom, boot locker and storage for cleaning supplies and dog-feeding station - this space has to do it all!  As the primary entrance to this house, it is absolutely the definition of "hard-working" and "high-traffic".  Since it is such a main artery into the house and is directly adjacent to the kitchen, we also wanted it to look fantastic. 

The layout was the first step.  How do we get a pull out drying rack, a cleaning supply closet, a boot locker and a dog feeding station into less than ninety square feet?  Very, very surgically....
The new layout involves adding surface and storage to every square inch of the new space.  By reversing the door swing into the garage, we are able to improve traffic flow.  
Our biggest surface for impact in this room was the floor, as the walls are full of cabinetry, doors and appliances.  We found a graphic floor tile to pull all the colors and tones together.  
Laundry Room Design
Laundry Room remodel Nest Interior Design
The client has cherry doors and trim throughout the rest of the house, so we tied those elements into the new space as countertops and the boot locker bench seat.  The cabinetry is a crisp white to keep the small space bright and open.  
Laundry Room Design Nest Interior Design
We worked in some hard-working, vinyl grass cloth on the walls for texture and durability.  Flexible space for coats, shoes and boots folds the function into every corner of the laundry room.  
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April 17, 2022

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