NESTED: Transforming Homes, Transforming Lives

At NESTED, we recognize that every family's journey is unique, especially when caring for a child with special needs. Our mission is to be your unwavering support system on this extraordinary path, dedicated to crafting homes that are not only safe havens but also beautiful, functional, and restorative spaces where every child can thrive.

Our Purpose is committed to providing every child with special needs the essential tools and environments they need to flourish at home. We are your guiding light in embracing the new normal, helping you establish a strong foundation within your home that supports your child's growth while enriching the entire family's living experience.

Our Principles:

Empowering Homes: We believe in the transformative power of a thoughtfully designed home. NESTED is here to empower you to create a sanctuary within your own four walls, a place where your child's well-being and development are nurtured, and where the entire family can find respite.

Simplified Support: Navigating the world of products and solutions can be overwhelming. We simplify this process by curating a thoughtful assortment of products that cater specifically to your family's evolving dynamics, making selection easier and more effective.

Fostering Community: NESTED strives to create a vibrant and inclusive conversation among families facing shifting dynamics due to special needs diagnoses. We believe in surrounding families with special needs children with the support, community, and interior design expertise they need to thrive.

Our Commitment:

Mental Health and Well-being: NESTED is dedicated to supporting the mental health and well-being of mothers and caregivers of special needs children. We provide resources, a sense of community, and opportunities for self-care.

Celebratory Community: NESTED fosters a community that celebrates the resilience, strength, and love of families caring for children with special needs, creating a space where shared experiences lead to shared triumphs.

Join us in this transformative mission to create homes that are not just shelters but sanctuaries, places where families find strength, support, and love. NESTED is where your journey becomes a collective endeavor, where your child's potential is nurtured, and where you find the resources and community to thrive. Together, we build homes that empower, uplift, and transform lives. NESTED - Where Home Meets Heart.