1970s kitchens weren't always ideal.  Typically short on counter space, short on storage, and heavy on soffits and lowered ceilings.  And, always short on lighting.  This kitchen was no exception.  This busy family of five needed more of everything - storage, surface, task light and gathering space.1970s kitchen before
The client had a dining room that was used only occasionally, (unless there was an intense lego-building marathon underway), so we got to work determining how much of the wall between the kitchen and dining room could be removed.  
Kitchen Remodel
When we were able to remove the wall and punch through into the adjoining space, everything changed.  We were able to introduce a roomy island, a generous cooktop, double ovens, floor to ceiling pantries, a larger window and a coffee station.  
The light, tile floor in the kitchen was incredibly difficult to keep clean, and the grout was always stained and dingy, even after intense scrubbing.  
The dining rooms great for lego-building, but not much else.  Because expanding through the dining room wall would make the combined kitchen and dining room long and narrow, we started working on a plan that allowed enough space to circulate around the new island, etc.  
Nest Kitchen after
When the wall between the adjacent kitchen and living room was opened up, the sight lines expanded through the entire house.  Being able to bring light into the space from the living room lightens and brightens everything.
The existing dining area has a large window, but it would be ideal to have a door here instead, to access the nearby garden and generous yard.  
Nest Kitchen AfterWe layered in cream-painted cabinetry with a stained, maple island to complete the look.  With perimeter recessed can lighting, island pendant lighting, under cabinet lighting, and a linear dining fixture brings light to every corner of this new, expanded space. 
There was a simpler field tile selected for the back splash tile, and them we added a contrasting tile behind the range top for added texture and interest.  
May 01, 2022

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