Family rooms are the workhorses of the house, aren't they?   All of our most relaxing times are spent there, and they define how we come together as a family unit.  

If they aren't comfortable, or don't meet our needs, we tend to avoid them, or not use them to their full potential.  They don't create that sense of calm and comfort and welcome, if they aren't designed properly, with our families needs in mind.  

Getting the furniture plan just right is the first step in every design solution.  In our first, proposed plan, we layered in two sofas, a pair of comfortable swivel chairs,  a generous coffee table, lots of surfaces and ottomans for ultimate comfort.  

Annotated plan 1
Because this family has young children, a generous coffee table can double for games, snacks and puzzles, as well!  With a table and light within arm's reach of every seat, this family room feels luxurious and inviting.  
In the next proposed plan, we added an asymmetrical sectional for extra lounging and seating.  An extended console behind the sectional allows for three  , upholstered ottomans that can be pulled into the seating grouping as extra seating for large gatherings or family parties.  
Annotated Plan 2
By carving a little space out near the stairway, we were able to add a zone that makes their entry way more functional, as well.  With a long, storage bench, there is extra room for storage hats, mittens, scarves and shoes.  An indoor - outdoor area rug under the bench is a perfect place to take off snowy boots or wet shoes.  A hook rack makes storing extra coats a breeze, as the existing coat closet is underscored and tucked awkwardly behind the front door.  
Annotated Plan 3
By adding an asymmetrical sectional on the other side of the room, it allows for the family to have easy conversations with anyone working in the kitchen, with a prime view of the fireplace.  A storage chest in the new "entry" zone adds extra storage for stamps, batteries, charger cords, etc.  
With a pair of generous swivel chairs near the fireplace, this family can swivel between the fireplace, kitchen and television.  
Would you like your family to function better, and look fantastic?  Nest can help!
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June 12, 2022

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