Open concept living - it is such a great idea!  Often kitchens are separated from main living spaces.  So much of our days are spent in the kitchen - cooking, doing dishes, making lunches for the next day - the list is endless.  Instead of being isolated from the rest of the house doing these multitude of tasks open concept living keeps everyone together.  We can be working in the kitchen, while interacting with our families, our friends, our guests.  
When we dive into open concept living, there tends to be fewer walls, which can create a host of challenges for arranging furniture and making the most of the spaces.   
Diving into the logistics of open concept living, options were created for our client to review.  She had an existing sectional that she wanted to use, but wasn't sure how to situate the piece and integrate other furniture into her spaces.  
This layout allows flexible, comfortable seating for eight in the family room, while maintaining sight lines between the spaces.  
This floor plan allows for comfortable seating for nine in the family room, with comfortable host and hostess chairs in the dining area can easily be pulled into the grouping, as well. 
This floor plan option adds cozy seating near her focal point fireplace and creates a really easy layout for parties and movie marathons alike.  The entry way has a useful storage piece, as well as a spot to sit down and take off wet or slushy shoes. 
Working with open concepts can be such a blessing for allowing us to maximize natural light, a feeling of spaciousness in our homes and all-important family time.  
April 25, 2021

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