Long and narrow family room .... do you have one?  Furniture layouts can be so challenging in this type of family room, right?  No matter what you do, you feel like you are leaving space unused, and no matter what you do, the furniture layout still doesn't feel quite right.  We help clients dive right into these rooms to find the best solution for their families.  

 Let's get started breaking down the options for this room!  

This client has a generous family room with a central, stone fireplace.  The space was significantly longer than it was wide, and the central fireplace made it challenging for them to find the best way to arrange their furniture in a way that made the most of the space.  With large windows and broad, open doorways, this space had so much going for it! 

All of the furniture layout options need to incorporate the family's upright piano, as this is the best room in the house for the instrument.  This family wanted a room that was comfortable for enjoying the fire, playing the piano, lounging and reading a book, as well as movie marathons!

The first option puts a sectional in the central fireplace area.  So great for cozying up on a cold winter night, right?  We also put a console table/desk behind the sectional to provide a great space for putting a laptop to return a couple of emails or working on a quick homework assignment, while still being able to be with the whole family.  

Because the windows on either side of the window are transom windows that start about 5'6" above the floor, it is possible to bank their television below this long, narrow window.  We tucked the television in the corner of the room, where it can be viewed from the generous sectional, or from the pair of swivel chairs closer to the television.  When not being used for television watching the swivel chairs make a great reading nook or conversation spot that is still within earshot/sightline of the kitchen.  

This option incorporates a similar configuration, but the sectional is replaced with a sofa and loveseat.  This combination allows for an extra end table and table lamp.

This furniture layout moves the television to a more central location, opposite the fireplace.  A second grouping creates a separate, reading nook, but the television can still be seen from there, as well.  This option allows for a better sightline from the kitchen, when it is time for practicing the piano.  This option also has a console table or desk tucked behind the sofa, as an easy spot to work from home, or to return a couple of emails at the end of the day.  


The last option tucks an asymmetrical sectional at the end of the room that has the best line of sight to the kitchen.  This will allow the family to be enjoying the family room while still chatting up anyone who is in full, meal-prep mode.   This room will easily swell to seat eleven for the occasional birthday party or bridal shower, while still being extremely comfortable for this family of five on a daily basis. 

Need a little help figuring out how to make the most of your family room?  Nest can help!

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March 28, 2021

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