The corner it friend or foe?  The corner fireplace seems like such a cool idea, right?  A corner fireplace can feel like a fresh take on a traditional family room layout.  But, sometimes, when you are trying to arrange enough furniture in your family room with a corner fireplace, it can definitely feel like you are fighting against that lovely, architectural feature....

This first option creates an unexpected solution by tucking a custom-sized sectional along the longest available walls in the space.  This option has a console table behind the sectional, the same length as that leg of the sectional above which the television is mounted.  There is also a full-sized sofa and swivel chair that can be swung around to appreciate the view outside, or chat with someone in the adjacent kitchen.  This option offers miles of wonderful seating for enjoying the fire, catching a movie or simply being together.  

 The next option rotates the television to the stair wall, where it can be appreciated by all of the seating components.  A pair of sofas layers in a traditional element within a non-traditional space.  Our brains love pairs and symmetry, so the pair of sofas and chairs add visual "order" to the space.

 This version layers the same, custom sectional feature with a pair of swivel chairs, to appreciate the marshland view right outside the picture windows.  This option also has a console table behind the full-size sofa, which offers a great spot for working on your laptop for a couple of quick emails at the end of the day, without being hunched over on your sofa with your laptop precariously perched....

This option offers a custom, longer, wall-mounted console table with the television mounted above.  Then, we use that pair of sofas, that offers lots of flexibility and a dash of symmetry.  We have a pair of comfortable swivel chairs, and an occasional chair is introduced into the space.  Occasional chairs typically have a higher seat height and arms which make them an ideal choice for someone older that is using your space.  With the combination of a higher seat, and strong arms, an occasional chair offers support and ease for older people in your home.  Because this seat easily seats nine, it is the perfect spot for birthday gatherings or bridal showers!

As designers, there are a couple of different ways we tackle corner, or off-center fireplaces -everything can either relate really directly to it, or we can largely ignore it.  This option places the furniture in close relation to the orientation of the fireplace, by tucking a bench and pair of sofas right up to it.  With a bench right in front of the fireplace, you can warm yourself up perched right on that generous bench, or you can curl up on the sofas to enjoy the fireplace and the catching the game.  

Which would you choose?  

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February 18, 2021

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