Always our first step in the design process, the perfect floor plan is the MOST important tool in the Nest design toolbox.
This client was getting a brand new house across the country, and wanted our thoughts and feedback of how she could make the most of every square inch of her new space.  
Before packing up and moving her current pieces, she wanted to determine if any of them really would have a home in the new furniture floor plan.  Since she didn’t have a big emotional or financial attachment to the pieces in her current home, this process helped her to determine what furniture could be sold off prior to the move.  
Our first plan below brings big storage furniture to the dining area.  With serving surfaces and places to tuck extra seating, this plan makes the most of the longest wall in the dining area.  
In the family room, a custom, symmetrical sectional allows her to curl up with a good book or for a movie marathon. With an additional sofa and occasional chair, this plan offers the most lounge seating.  
Family Room Floor Plan
Our next option introduces a library-type corner with bookshelves and a symmetrical sectional pulled into a more central location in the family room.  This also places a pair of comfortable lounge chairs symmetrically around the fireplace.    An oval dining table allows for easy flow to the backyard around the dining furniture.
Perfect Family Room Plan
The next option introduces lounge chairs and a pair of split bookcases.  This floor plan has the biggest change for the dining room.  By introducing a wall-to-wall banquette with lift top storage this plan layers in 34, new cubic feet of storage and  lots of comfortable seating for friends and guests to chat with anyone in the kitchen.  There are lots of tables and surfaces in the living room to easily put down your cup of coffee or iPad.  
Perfect Family Room Floor Plan
The next plan offering layers in a pair of symmetrical sofas for a traditional layout within the new family room.  this plan still has a pair of bookcases, a swivel lounge  chair and a comfortable, larger lounge chair.  Below the television is a storage chest for games and cozy throws.  
Perfect Family Room Floor Plan
July 04, 2021


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That’s great. I like the design so much.

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