Paint Picks for 2023
You're scrolling and scrolling and all you see is a sea of beige and gray.  One home looks the same as all the others, and it all feels pretty.......anonymous.  Are you all fed up with a strictly neutral palette?  Want to layer in more of YOUR personality and style into your spaces?  
You want to inject some color, but not sure where to start?  Nest has got you!  Here are all of our favorite hues for 2023.  Whether you are dousing your walls in your primary living spaces, or peppering it into powder rooms and bedrooms, this palette has your new, favorite color.  
Let's break down some of the best colors for 2023 right here, with suggestions on where and how to use them.  
Concord Ivory is a perfect buttery yellow that holds lamplight and sunlight beautifully.  This color is particularly effective in North facing rooms to balance the visual "chill".  
Benjamin Moore Concord Ivory (HC-12)
Soft pumpkin is a warm color with subtle undertones.   This muted orange is a beautiful partner with other saturated colors.  Orange is red's less bossy cousin, and warms up and also warms up any North-facing room, as well.  
Benjamin Moore Soft Pumpkin (2166-40)
Hamilton Blue is a crisp gray blue that partners beautifully with blacks and whites for a sophisticated palette.  This classic blue is particularly effective on siding & exteriors.
Benjamin Moore Hamilton Blue (HC-191)
Revere Pewter is the ultimate neutral work horse, and pairs beautifully with more saturated, surrounding tones.  This neutral is a combination of warm and cool hues, and changes beautifully in different light levels.  
Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172)
Wythe Blue is a historic shade that migrates depending on light levels and surrounding shades, tones and finishes.  This color is the perfect combination of blue, gray and green.  If a blue can be visually "warm", this is the one!
Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue (HC-143)
This is the one.  This is the black that is crisp and clean as window trims, front doors, and railings. This tone makes any element it is added to feel tailored and sculptural.  
Benjamin Moore Jet Black (2120-10)
Our go-to choice for warmer whites, Mayonnaise is the stunning choice for trim, doors, ceilings, cabinetry and anywhere you want a warmer-than-white paint partner.
Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise (OC-85)
Rosepine, a natural, green paint staple.  This green is has enough gray undertones to make it feel modern and understated.  
Benjamin Moore Rosepine (461)
Dill Pickle surprisingly applicable for everything from exteriors to formal living rooms.  Equally comfortable with black or white accents, this green has enough depth to hold its own against stronger colors without washing out. 
Benjamin Moore Dill Pickle (2147-40)
Our vary favorite white, this classic white is crisp and fresh, without having a blue (or builder basic) stark result.  Use this in a satin or semigloss for the perfect trim work shade.  
Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17)
Burgundy can be a tricky shade to introduce in your interiors.  It has a way of getting visually dominant and somber very quickly.  This shade has just enough pink to keep it a bit lighter.  This burgundy is best paired with other saturated tones to create visual "balance" in your interiors. 
Benjamin Moore New London Burgundy (HC-61)
Oh, Frosted Rose  is just the most lovely pale pink.  With gray undertones, it doesn't go candy-colored pink or too juvenile as some light pinks can do.  This is a stunner for bedrooms, hallways or dining rooms, and the warmth of this tone puts all the occupants of the space in their very best light.  
Benjamin Moore Frosted Rose (044)
Pale Oak is the perfect option, if you want something with  more contrast than a white or cream living space.  This has just enough color to it, and walks the tightrope brilliantly between warm and cool neutrals.  
Benjamin Moore Pale Oak (OC-20)
Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal (HC-166)
Better than black, this Kendall Charcoal is the kinder, gentler version of a true black.  It offers crisp, deep contrast without the heaviness that a traditional black can often bring.  
Benjamin Moore Sag Harbor Gray (HC-95)
Sag Harbor Gray is a darker neutral that offers a whisper of gray-green.  This color changes in different light levels.  
Edward Bulmer Trumpington
This egg-yolk tone is the perfect hybrid of warm yellow and orange.  A stunner for family rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, it gives your public spaces an energy and joyfulness, that will definitely be personal and interesting in a way that a neutral just can't match.  Pair this with at least one equally-saturated tone for visual balance.  
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January 03, 2023

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