Baby Grand Family Room

Our client's space had all the things you want for a family room - a generous footprint, loads of natural light, architectural interest and great site lines to other adjoining spaces.  So, we were already ahead of the curve, when we started thinking about what this space could be.  

We started, as we always do, with the optimal floor plan.  They had long been dreaming of having a grand piano in their space, so that piece instantly had pride of place.    A floor plan is always our road map for how we proceed through a design project with our clients.  Determining the optimal plan comes before anything else, as it allows us to really hone in on our client's needs for the space without the distraction of the "pretty" part of the project.  The fabrics, rugs, furniture, window treatments and artwork always come after the floor plan portion of the project.  

In this roomy family room, we added a comfortable sofa, two swivel chairs, a chaise, three ottomans and a bench into their space for flexible and easy seating for a crowd.  Every piece invites guests to sit a stay (or play) awhile, and different seating groups allow guests to appreciate the room from different angles. 



potential family room floor plan


We also made sure that there was a generous area rug (in this case, two) to unite all the pieces and add coziness and warmth to those Wisconsin winters.  Also important when we create floor plans for clients, is that each seat has an accompanying surface and light.  As you can see there are generous surfaces next to each place you can perch, as well as a lamps to create a pools of warm light all around the space.  

Not sure where to start with your family room?  Nest can help - schedule your own, free Discovery Call to get started transforming your room into the space of your dreams.  


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January 05, 2023

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