A big family room...... seems like the ideal scenario, right?  Well, until you sit down and to enjoy a nice quiet evening, and your room feels a bit more like a hotel lobby than than the cozy family retreat you had in mind.  Have you rearranged the furniture for what feels like the hundredth time, and it still just doesn't feel right?  

You're not alone - our client had the same challenge in their new home with their gorgeous and spacious family room.  We started brainstorming floor plans for them, and here are the varied and cozy options!

This option pairs an asymmetrical sectional with a full-size sofa to create a room that is great for lounging with your feet up and late night conversations by the fire.  

 The next option utilizes a pair of sofas, a generous lounge chair and a pair of flexible swivel chairs that are perfect for Packer games or gaming.  There are also ample table surfaces and lamps, so your Ipad or cocktail is always close at hand.  

This next configuration is perfect if your family enjoys games or puzzles in the evenings.  There is a pedestal-based game table tucked into the corner, and can also double as a spot for a quick Zoom call or for returning a couple of emails at the end of the day.   Having a game table in your family room also has the advantage of projects or homework being able to be done close by, but not on your dining room table or kitchen island when it is time to start making dinner.    The bench seating for the game table also has a storage component, which is perfect for tucking away all the blankets and throws that accumulate during Wisconsin winters.   

A generous, symmetrical sectional is the star of this layout, and is great for piling on the whole family.  Since it is really only comfortable to sit on a sectional with people you are related to, the furniture plan also offers additional seating options.  Full-size sofa, occasional chair and a pair of swivels offer a myriad of choices.  An occasional chair is a great addition for older guests, as the seat height is just a bit higher and the arms allow for anyone to get in and out of it easily.  Occasional chairs are a great place to incorporate a vintage find, with an interesting combination of wood finishes and upholstery.  This is a great place to use a colorful or patterned fabric as a counterpoint to other, larger, neutral pieces.   

Rotating the pair of sofas to the opposite side of the room allows the family to take advantage of the beautiful view out of their soaring windows.  Pairs of end tables, lamps and swivel chairs add symmetrical elements to the room, even though the furniture arrangement itself isn't centered on the fireplace.  A pair of upholstered ottomans are tucked under the generous console table to allow for easy, additional seating to be pulled into the primary conversation area.   

An arrangement that pairs an asymmetrical sectional, full-size sofa and a pair of swivel lounge chairs offers a great hybrid of elements from previous floor plan options.  The asymmetrical sofa brings in seating for a crowd and keeps the traffic pattern open between the entry, dining area and adjacent kitchen.   

Adding in a large storage cabinet to one side of the large-scaled fireplace and a storage bench to the other allows for the perfect spot to store games and puzzles.  In the storage bench, blankets and throws can be tucked neatly away.   The over-sized coffee table is a great spot for snacks and games and an upholstered ottoman telescopes underneath.  The ottoman can be pulled out as additional seating, or pulled towards the sectional to create comfy, chaise-style lounging.  

 Placing the asymmetrical sectional on the opposite side of the room, it creates a natural division of the family room from the entry way.  Splitting the lounge chairs on either side of the full-size sofa adds visual weight to that part of the grouping and visually balances the sectional on the other side of the room.  


The most symmetrical of all the options, a pair of sofas "bookend" both sides of this large family room and allow for easy flow into and out of the furniture grouping.  A round, upholstered ottoman is ideal between two swivel chairs, as it can serve both chairs at whichever angle they are positioned.  

Many of these configurations use the same furniture components, and can be rearranged seasonally.  Whatever your needs are for your space, let's dive in and give you a creative and highly personal solution that fits your family perfectly.   



December 23, 2022

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