In kitchen design, after the "big stuff" is selected, is when the big design work really begins.  We've all been in those spaces, where the cabinetry is gorgeous, the countertops are gleaming and amazing.....and the space still seems to somehow fall short.  
This is when the most important layer of design comes into play - injecting your personal style into the details.  From artwork and lighting to backsplash tiles and wall colors, it all adds your style and personality in a way that makes the space truly your own.  Let's get started on helping your personality shine in your spaces!
Artwork.  Now, I know it may seem like an unexpected place to start a kitchen design, but choosing art is so highly personal, that an artwork selection that resonates with you will instantly infuse your space with a bit of your style.  
After our artwork, let's find some amazing and sculptural lighting.  Dining lights are typically appreciated from many angles, so finding something that has an interesting volume and finish.  Treating this lighting fixture as sculpture will allow more of your personal style to shine.  (No pun intended....)
Don't worry about using a "set" of light fixtures.  By selecting pieces with different shapes, scales and finishes, your space will become more layered and interesting.  This small, spherical pendant is perfect over the kitchen sink.  We are going to place this one off-center with some open, floating shelves on the other side for an atypical design solution.    
Over the kitchen island, we are going to use these highly reflective and industrial-inspired pendants.  In the chrome finish, we keep the industrial style from feeling too dark and heavy, in this bright kitchen.  
Tile is a fabulous way to add even more texture and interest.  This marble mosaic tile will be placed behind the new, gas range.  The marble has inherent and natural variation.  
The perimeter cabinetry color is a deep, inky blue tone.  Because this kitchen is large, the blue tone anchors the space, without overwhelming it.  
The island cabinetry contrasts in a crisp, gray tone.  The contrast of the dark and light cabinetry adds depth.  The satiny sheen of the cabinetry paint adds a subtle and reflective finish into the kitchen.  
A picture light highlights the beautiful, blue and gray artwork, and creates a soft pool of light in the space.  
For the rest of the backsplash, a handcrafted, elongated subway-type tile adds reflective surface.  The white color adds a crispness and contrast with the deep, blue perimeter cabinetry.  
The countertops are a soft gray with a bit of movement.  The slight variation in color creates interest and also has a hidden benefit.  The variation hides water spots and crumbs, until it is time to clean up.  
With variety in textures, colors and finishes the new kitchen space pushes beyond a typical cookie-cutter kitchen.  What can we create for you?
March 13, 2022

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