A master bathroom should be the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t have enough space to leave things on your countertop or enjoy a nice hot shower, right? Well, that is exactly what this client DIDN’T have. The footprint of the space was generous, but everything still felt cramped and tight. 

Our client wanted a more spacious bathroom with room on their countertops, as well as a luxurious shower space to replace their current, under-used bathtub. This involved a deep gutting of the overall structure, plumbing and previously placed design elements. Ultimately, that led to a luxurious haven for this family to start and end their day.  Creating a simpler flow functioned so much better for their day to day needs.

Before, our client had a tiny, dark shower space tucked away in the corner. As you can see, there was no lighting in or around the shower space.  This made the daily showering ritual something into something dreary. Because the space was always dark, it never felt fresh or clean or bright. 

We chose to capitalize on the natural light by removing the tub and installing a floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure  with soft gray,  natural stone flooring to bounce more light into the new shower. We also added a new window, with a better proportion, into the shower enclosure.  A generous bench with a quartz seat makes this a comfortable and durable addition to this new shower. As you can see, the new shower space is much brighter and inviting than the previous solution. 

Such tiny, tiny vanities……..before our remodel, our client’s shared bathroom space encompassed two completely separate bathroom vanity cabinets and sinks that book-ended this Queen-Mary-sized-bathtub. Leaving very limited countertop and mirror space for each half of our client couple. With such limited countertop and clunky storage in each vanity, the space always felt like it was underperforming, for our client’s needs. 

With the space gutted and reworked, we were able to incorporate a new, eight foot wide vanity with loads of storage and style. The generous countertops allow for spreading out everything you need at the beginning or end of the day. The new storage exceeds the old solution, and the quartz countertops are a breeze to keep clean. The soft, blue-green color made for a very welcoming environment for our clients. Now the clients start and end their days in a space that feels bright and breezy.  The wide white rug is not only easier to manage than having two rugs, but provides a super snuggly platform for your feet to sink into while getting ready.

From cramped and crowded to a custom sanctuary, this space has truly transformed into the bathroom of their dreams. The classic, timeless elements and soft colors make this formerly dull bathroom into a multi-functional and beautiful space that our client can enjoy from years to come.

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February 27, 2022

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