Every nook and cranny of your home is an opportunity to showcase your own personality and style.

Often an afterthought, a powder room is likely a space each visitor to your home will frequent at some point. Let's make the most of every space in your home! Despite the belief that a powder room is too small of an area for dreamy design concepts, our remodeling team is hereto put that idea to rest once and for all.

This show-stopping wallpaper ties colors and textures together so beautifully, and can be the perfect way to unite colors and textures from other areas of your home. This splashy lacquer-red, green and blue wallpaper adds depth and dimension to this small space and give the room a sense of style in a bold and exciting way.

A creamy trim color provides a delicate transition between the wallpaper and the soft blue chosen for the ceiling. Layering in an additional color will bring an extra pop of vibrance to your customized space.

Hexagonal, terra cotta tiles add an organic, hand-made feeling to this polished space. The hexagonal pattern is an inherently, historical format, so it provides an interesting juxtaposition with this contemporary, bold wallpaper.

A deep, smoky blue vanity with gold hardware draws in the beautiful colors of the wallpaper while also providing tons of storage and style.

Blue Ocean quartzite countertop seamlessly pairs with the glazed, cast iron sink and shapely, gold faucet. This generous sink and faucet pairing are roomy enough for everyday use.

What would a powder room be without a mirror? This simple square, contemporary shape adds a clean and minimal layer to this beautiful and bold space.

An overhead fixture adds a surprising and sculptural layer to any powder room, and bounces light both up onto the ceiling and down into the space. This bright, slim light fixture gives a sleek finishing touch to this polished powder room.

By taking every opportunity to infuse your style into all of your spaces, the enjoyment of your home is amplified for you, your family and your guests.


February 20, 2022

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