Hallways are a crucial design element that play a huge role in the transitions throughout your home. Hallways often don't get a lot of design energy and design love, as often we don't think about it as we pass by every day without giving them much thought. Your hallway can not only serve as a dynamic entry point into your home, but  also layer in additional storage and seating and really tie together all the wonderful design elements in your home.  



We new right away that such a dynamic hallway needed to meet its full potential.  A stylish rug and some dynamic lamps add extra texture into the home without being too overwhelming.

When you are coming into your home from the harsh Wisconsin winters, the first thing you want to do is take off your wet or snowy shoes. Having a seating option is crucial to get those cold shoes off comfortably, and step into the warmth of your home.

zellner-hallway lighting

For this client we added three chandelier type lamps that were installed to create a soft, ambient light in this dramatic entry, but also referenced the metallic wallpaper within the instthe ceiling panels. The wallpaper added a little extra color into the hallway and brought together the coloring from both the lighting and the mirror.


We put custom paneling into the client’s walls in order to add some more depth to the space. The last thing anyone wants is a hallway that feels narrow or closing in. The extra chest provided our client with some extra storage space for things needed heading out the door or coming in. Lastly, the gold mirror bounces off the natural light as well as the light coming from the chandelier, creating a more well lit space for our clients to walk through every day. 



No one wants any part of their home to feel neglected or forgotten in the design process. We make sure that every part of your home is given the same amount of dedication and creative process as any other room redesign.

February 02, 2022

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