Sun Prairie is our favorite place, and our home. The Nest retail store, housed in a 140-year old historic building embodies everything we love about this town! We always do our best to give back to Sun Prairie.

Every time we walk by down Main Street, we take a moment to remember all the great things about this town. The events, inspiration, and community!

We love to show local love, by showing off our very own Sun Prairie signature. All of the pieces with this special graphic, is meant to bring people together. The playing card set is one of our favorites! We can think of countless family game nights, teaching friends and family new games. What better way to put a personal stamp, on something with so many wonderful memories tied to it?

Another thing we love about Sun Prairie are the incredible farmers market! We love seeing local, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. The colors are amazing! Beyond that, there are soaps, crafts, and local garden art, and we can never pass up the baked goods and local honey.  Being a creative company, we constantly seek out sources of inspiration, and the wonderful local talent never ceases to amaze us. We tied that love into another favorite product with our Sun Prairie signature, the tote bag. We never want to forget a bag for all our fun farmers market finds!

Speaking of creativity, and inspiration...Sun Prairie is the birthplace of Georgia O’Keeffe. She was born in Sun Prairie in 1887. Her work is so iconic and so influential - when it was created,  and still today.  As an artist, her talent was so incredibly ground-breaking, but as a female artist, her work represented a cosmic shift for creative women everywhere.  She took everyday things and distilled them down to their rawest essence and then manipulated the scale to show the objects from a modern and completely new perspective. There is a sign here in Sun Prairie just for Georgia O’Keeffe, and even after living here all these years, we still find ourselves stopping to read it.  

We are so excited for one of our favorite annual events! The Georgia O’Keeffe festival, right here in Sun Prairie!  We can never wait to learn more about her history in our area!  The Sun Prairie Historical Society is hosting this event, and they are just a few doors down from us here at Nest! Get ready for artistic, and creative inspiration...and a lot of fun! Locals, don’t forget to keep an eye out for next year. If you’re out of town, check out their website!  We are not sure if Georgia herself would approve of her poppy painting adorning a life-size cow on the lawn of the Historical Museum, but it was a tongue-in-cheek way to combine two things Sun Prairie is most known for!

These are only a few reasons we are feeling some serious Local Love. There are still so many more adventures to find.

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September 21, 2017

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