Remember how Ralphie and friends jockeyed for a spot in front of the toy store’s holiday window in a Christmas Story?  While we could clearly never compete with a Red Rider BB gun, we look forward to every season change, and holiday, to create that very same sense of excitement.   

For many years, our historic space was a grocery store and adjacent meat market.  Even though the view of our store is a little different in 2017, designing, and decorating the Nest window storefront continually helps us get inspired for what’s new in design and each upcoming season!   

Our designers strive to make each new display a reflection of Nest Interior Design's quality and style, but that’s not the only reason we change it up...It’s just plain fun! The sheer fun aspect of our job can often be forgotten amidst deadlines and meetings, so we use our window display (and Ralphie) as a wonderful reminder to try to keep inspiring ourselves and everyone who sees it!  Let’s dive into some of our favorite displays over the years.

Red, white, and blue really do make a stunning color combination. Mix that color palette with eye-catching patterns and a patriotic display comes easy! We use this to celebrate summer and the Memorial Day and Flags of Freedom parades that go right by our store in the summer, but you can still use this decor and design year round too!

Holiday displays are always one of our favorites! There are so many exciting possibilities. Our first favorite holiday display is all about cheerful, jolly Christmas. Mostly red, and white with pops of natural greenery. It makes you want to come in, sip hot cocoa, and sit around the tree!

There is nothing better than getting lost in a winter wonderland, especially in our snowy Wisconsin!  Neutral colors do not have to be boring. Our elegant winter window display still makes a bold statement with fur throw pillows, plush ivory, vintage throw blanket, and frosted evergreen trees. Can you picture yourself making memories in that room?

When we think about Fall, we think about that special feeling the beautiful weather brings. The rich colors, changing leaves, and cool weather sweaters make us feel so cozy. We definitely wanted our Fall display to exude that feeling. Rich yellow, with stunning fresh, seasonal flowers, show off the best parts of the season.

When the weather starts to warm up, so do the colors! Our Spring display packs a graphic punch bold, fresh earth tone colors! Everything is fresh, clean, and ready for the bright spring sunlight! It’s hard to resist curling up with a book, right in our window.

This summertime window layers crisp cottons, a white wire sofa and healthy dose of blue and white toile wallpaper to create a fresh, warm-weather vista!  With the outdoor string lights, you could pick up this whole scene and plunk it right down on your patio, just in time for a party!

Our last favorite is just because!  Many of our customers don’t get to see the nighttime Nest view, but it still looks stunning! The bright yellow elements really jump out at you, while the bold patterned throw pillows add to the evening elegance. We love the color combination, and how they show up day, or night!

These are my kiddos, in front of our very first window, back in November of 2014.  For almost 100 years, this spot on Main Street has been a family affair - whether it is the Freidels and their groceries or the Fultons and their goods for your home.  

With the upcoming holidays, and changing seasons our team continually looks for new ideas and ways to inspire you!  Always our designer’s favorite project, now we want to bring you in on the action!

Tell us about your favorite Nest window, and your ideas for what comes next!

August 16, 2017


Sonja Hill said:

The Christmas display is so beautiful.All of your display’ s are unique and different.How about a giving thanks display that represent Thanksgiving I can’t wait to see what your wonderful team come up with.

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