With the days getting shorter, and the dark descending a little earlier each day, your spaces might be in need of a little brightening up!  Featured here are some of our favorite ways to use lighting this season.  Showcasing a dramatic surface like this kitchen island is perfectly done with a bronze-shaded, sculptural, pendant fixture.

Family rooms have to make everyone happy.  Everything from playing board games, to movie marathons and the occasional homework assignment, family room lighting has to do it all.  This family room layers in a pharmacy-style task lamp and a rattan-wrapped table lamp for varying light levels, in the same space.  The pharmacy lamp creates wonderful task lighting, without creating glare for another family member who might be enjoying a movie or a football game.

For hallways and stairways, ceiling fixtures are the best way to illuminate an area.  This sputnik-style fixture sports a whopping, twenty-five individual bulbs.  On a dimmer, this show-stopping light can be moody in the evening and bright and sunny in the morning.  

Mercury glass is typically found in antique mirrors, but here it takes center stage in a modern wall sconce.   The texture of the mercury glass is the perfect partner for this tonal, organic wallpaper. 
Wondering how to infuse your space with some new lighting?  The Nest designers will help you find the perfect solution for your space!
November 12, 2018

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