Light and Dark Neutral Paint Palette (with a Golden) Ryan Fulton
If you are familiar with our interior design business, you might have met our Golden Retriever Georgia, virtually, or in person.  She is a fluffy and friendly part of our storefront in Sun Prairie, and in this photo she is happily perched in the middle of snowy field during a walk on an overcast Sunday morning.  As a designer, natural textures and colors are a constant source of inspiration.  What struck me here was the layered, cool neutral tones that varied from a stark white, all the way to a smoky, deep charcoal-y brown.  When neutrals get too visually "chilly", often a splash of camel or caramel tone will bring the whole scheme instantly to life.  
When picking a mid-tone gray for walls, Stonington Gray is a beautiful choice.  It absorbs the light, and this color really changes over the course of the day and the exposure in your room changes.
Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170
Gray Lake is stunning when used on trim work, in a semi-gloss finish.  When using on a ceiling, utilize a flat finish.
Benjamin Moore Gray Lake Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Gray Lake 2138
Baltic Gray is also a gorgeous on walls, particularly a room used in the evenings, as it has a warm, cocoon effect.
Benjamin Moore Baltic Gray Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Baltic Gray 1467
If we layer cool wall, ceiling and trim tones, the overall effect can start to feel more like an office building and less like an inviting home.  Now, I can personally attest to the "warming" power of a Golden Retriever, but if you don't have one invading your personal space at all times, a nice warm khaki or camel tone will do the trick!  This color is beautiful on large upholstered pieces - think leather sofa, or large squishy club chair.  Be generous with this tone, and it will draw you and your family into the space!
Benjamin Moore Crisp Khaki Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Crisp Khaki 234
A brown/black deep tone is perfect for glossy occasional pieces.  Try a side chair with this rich, glossy wood tone.  Suspend a dramatic light fixture in this contrasting hue.  A pair of bold lamps, or even a dramatic frame on a stunning piece of artwork would do the trick.  Contrast keeps a space interesting.  
Benjamin Moore Black Bean Soup Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Black Bean Soup 2130-10
Misty Memories is the perfect tone for cabinetry in a master bathroom or kitchen.  If feels sleek and sophisticated without feeling like a laboratory.  Used to its best advantage in a semi-gloss finish.  
Benjamin Moore Misty Memories Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Misty Memories 2118-60
Have questions about how to layer warm and cool neutrals into your home?  Not sure how to get started?  Our Nest team is here for you!  Schedule your own 
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December 27, 2020

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