Always my favorite place to start, a client’s favorite piece of artwork inspired the design for this entire space!  Laundry rooms are usually utilitarian and a little low on the “design totem pole”, in most homes.  

Since we spend an average of two hours per week doing laundry, wouldn’t it be great if the laundry room was a space we actually wanted to be in?  Let’s go through the process of making a laundry space beautiful AND functional!

The inspiration!  This Daniel Garber artwork is fitting for a laundry space because of its subject matter, but also because it has luscious colors and is just plain beautiful!  Of particular note are the varied greens, grays with deeper blue and brown tones peppered in.

Daniel Garber

Now for some more practical elements….. the flooring we are using in this space is commercially-rated, which essentially means it is bullet proof and can handle any mud, grime, and standing water that your family can dish out.  This plank style comes in 6” x 24” planks which makes it ideal for a herringbone type of application.  Typically, vinyl plank sizes are 4’ in length, so it is difficult to get a herringbone pattern to make the right visual impact in a small space, like a laundry room.  

Karndean Silver Oak Herringbone Flooring

Quartz is stain proof and doesn’t ever need to be sealed, so it makes it a perfect candidate for work space.  The one we selected is from Colorquartz, and is called Grigio Tempio. 

Colorquartz Countertops

Storage, storage, storage is always important in a laundry room.  This Farmington door style, from Starmark Cabinetry is a stunner in their walnut finish.  I loved the way this walnut tone brought out the deeper tones in the Garber painting.  

Starmark Farmington Cabinetry

A light, fresh hue for paint always creates an inspiring space.  Castleton Mist from Benjamin Moore is in their Historic Colors line, and has just the right amount of gray undertone, which makes it an easy color to live with, long-term.  These types of colors tend to change over the course of the day, if you are fortunate enough to have a laundry space with natural light

Benjamin Moore Castleton Mist

Lighting is always important for scrubbing out stains, but no one says it had to be a fluorescent, utilitarian fixture, now did they?  This streamlined, modern fixture has a sculptural feel and absolutely elevates the look of your work space.  Don’t you love how the mix of metals on this piece gives the traditional materials a contemporary vibe?  


Currey & Company Huntington Pendant

Okay, you knew we were getting there eventually… we actually have to do some laundry in this laundry room….

We love how this navy, glossy washer and dryer set add a colorful element to something that almost always exists in a white or stainless finish.

Navy Blue Washer and Dryer

Have you created a laundry space that you love?  We’d love to see some photos - send them our way!!  Do you need a little help creating a laundry you love?  Our Nest team would love to create a space that is a personal reflection of you!  

May 12, 2019


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