Are your windows ready for a summer refresh that will look good all year long? From airy fabrics to fresh patterns, we've got you (and your windows) covered. When determining how to update your windows, it's important to keep your main priorities in mind. Don't just opt for what looks good in someone else's home. Make sure your window treatments address both the stylistic and functional requirements that your space demands.
As window treatment pros, we can help with this. Today we're sharing our top picks for refreshing your windows and staying cool during the warmer months.



Whether you opt for a solid color or a pattern, sheer drapery is a great way to allow for natural light filtering while downplaying the glare of sunlight. Plus, you can open your windows even when the drapery is closed since the sheer fabric will allow air to pass through easily.

Sheer drapery works with all interior design styles and is a popular choice for bedrooms and living areas.




Natural woven shades add a beachy texture to your interior, and their neutral colors bring earthy calmness. These treatments are ideal for kitchens and home offices and can be layered with sheer or regular drapery panels for a more unique result.

Whether you have a traditional, rustic, historic, or farmhouse style home, you'll get many compliments on these window coverings.




Faux wood blinds are great for blocking light when you want them to and can be easily adjusted to give you a clear view of the outside world. Because they are not made of real wood, these blinds are ideal for high moisture areas such as bathrooms, pool rooms, and more.

If you have children in your home regularily, we suggest opting for a cordless blind option. Child safety is paramount.
June 01, 2019

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