Apple Green Luscious Bedroom Nest Interior Design

Good sleep is more important than ever.  Recharging at home is the easiest way to restore yourself for another busy day.  Looking for more than neutral, for your bedroom?  You are not alone!  There is so.  much.  neutral.  out there.  Your bedroom is an extremely personal space.  It's your own retreat.  Let's make your space so much more personal.  So  much more inviting.  So much more than a simply neutral space.  

Let's start by layering on a modern wallpaper with historical roots.  A modern silhouette of apple green trees against a fresh, creamy background is the perfect place to start.  Wall to wall and floor to ceiling, this paper creates an inviting and interesting "wrapper" for your room.  Everything feels better already, doesn't it?

 Nest Timber Wallpaper

Then, let's pair this with a clean, brisk unexpected ceiling color.  We like Benjamin Moore Breath of Fresh Air #806.  

Benjamin Moore Breath of Fresh Air 806

Next let's get the big pieces in place!  A soft. upholstered bed sets the tone for rest, peace and relaxation.  The neutral linen is a lovely contrast to the organic, green wallpaper.  

Upholstered Bed Nest Interior Design

Next, let's place some functional nightstands with loads of storage.  These architectural pieces from Made Goods are the prefect pairing for the tufted, upholstered bed.  

Jarin Nightstand Made Goods

On those nightstands, we need glossy, blue lamps that have a significant enough scale to balance these weighty, storage pieces.  The glossy texture of these lamps will balance the matte texture of the tufted headboard and matte, wooden nightstands.  

Nest Lamp

This little hit of color on either side of the bed will "speak" beautifully to the colors into the giclee painting we are going to layer into this space.  

Next we have to add a bit more storage, or all of the pretty bits won't make a bit of difference. By utilizing a taller dresser, one that is 36" high, we can capture more depth in each and every drawer.  70" wide x 19" deep x 36" high makes the most of every square inch.  The masculine lines balance the organic feel of the wallpaper.

Modern Dresser Nest Interior Design

 Above this weighty, storage rockstar, we are going to place three elements that will balance it and make it an integral element to the design of this bedroom.  

Landscape Painting


We love the crisp clear colors in the landscape painting that layers in gorgeous blues and greens.  The minimal frame adds to the modern feeling.  Blue Green Landscape Painting Nest Interior Design

 A crystal lamp with a brass base will be substantial, but not too heavy to overpower the painting they frame out.Pair of Glass Capwell Lamps

Often, it is nice to have a place to sit down and put on your shoes in the morning, so framing this dresser out with two soft, blue occasional chairs will further this soothing symmetrical furniture layout.  

These occasional chair have a feminine feeling that nicely balances the substantial nature of the dresser.  The lovely blue upholstery silhouettes beautifully against the green, patterned wallpaper.  

Blue Occasional Chair We have tackled storage, upholstery, walls, artwork, and lighting.  The only elementals left is flooring.  If you don't have a soft texture to swing your feet out of bed onto in the morning, it won't feel like much of a bedroom retreat.  This woven wool will be soft and durable.  

Wool Area Rug Nest interior Design

On the window treatments, we layered in yards and yards of apple green, checkered fabric.  We selected Camden Check from F. Schumacher, and it's crisp cotton texture adds a more formal feel that balances the more relax, checked pattern beautifully.  

Schumacher Camden Check


And, that is how we built a fresh, apple green bedroom that feels luxurious and personal, and most definitely not, neutral.  

Apple Green Bedroom

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May 01, 2019

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