What’s new in the world of furniture?  Furniture manufacturers are layering on the different materials within each piece and taking an artistic, sculptural spin on some classics, and we couldn't be more thrilled about the new offerings!  We can't wait  to use these in our client's new spaces and take their designs to a whole new level!

Mixed Materials:

Wood, metal, woven, glass, fabric…… texture is the EASIEST way to make your interior space feel complete.  A room with only one or two textures tends to appear a little “flat”, and not quite finished.  

A bit hesitant about injecting a new texture or finish into your room?  Follow our easy formula for foolproof results!  Let's say you are crazy about copper, and would like to use this warm, earthy, metallic tone in your space.  You need to use the material no less than three times, to make the new finish look intentional.  Think of your copper formula as 1 big + 1 medium + 1 small.  The one "big" copper element could be a stunning coffee table.  The one "medium" could be a bold, copper frame on a piece of wall decor you love.  The "small" could be a copper pot with your very favorite house plant nestled in it.  Another helpful hint is to not use the new finish all in one "plane" of your room.  The coffee table is low, the copper-framed artwork is high, as it suspended up on your wall, and the copper-potted house plant is medium (if you place it on a console table).  Now, the finish is peppered throughout your space.  

There are some fab, new furniture pieces that mix materials on one piece, likes this great entertainment center.  The mix of wood frame, with glass doors, upholstered shelves and drawers and metal drawer pulls and door hardware make this a melting pot of mixed materials.  Because the proportional mix is so tailored, the piece comes off as clean and sophisticated!  (BONUS:  remote controls for components can signal right through the glass doors, keeping your surfaces free).

Are you hooked?  Looking for more pieces that mix materials?  We are, too!  These are just a few of our favorites.  A good approach is to let these pieces be the statement piece for your room.  Pair visually "quieter" furniture with your statement piece to maintain a balanced aesthetic.  As I am always saying to clients, "you can only have one diva in a room".....

Sculptural Pieces:

We are also seeing a vein of artistic, sculptural pieces coming into the furniture marketplace!  Why is this great news, you might ask?  Well, these pieces have a one-of-a-kind feeling, without the one-of-a-kind price tag.  It lets us create rooms for our clients that have a curated, built over time feeling by just layering on that one sculptural piece.  


A piece like this has an artisanal quality, but because we catch so many wood tones across the grain on the face of the cabinet, it will easily mix with a variety of wood tones, already existing in your space.   

These new furniture introductions all have a sculpted feeling that is anything but typical.  Layering in a  piece like these instantly gives your interior a new energy!

Whether you are starting from scratch, or just looking for that one fantastic piece, Nest is always up-to-date and ready to be your ultimate, interior design partner!  

If you are not sure where to start, come on in to the Design Studio, or drop us a line right here:



March 11, 2019

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