Living Coral:  Living With The Color Of The YearCoral is a 100% bold color.  And, sometimes NOT in a good way.  Coral will dominate other colors, if not handled with a little care.  (I am picturing that epic-fail coral lipstick I tried in 8th grade, certain it would make me look oh-so-sophisticated.....)  Hold on though, before you swear off coral, let's figure out how to make this energetic and lively color part of a cohesive whole, in your home. To help coral stay balanced, pair it with other strong colors, in muted tones.  By employing muted tones, we avoid the overall look becoming too chaotic.  Splashing on a healthy dose of neutral grounds the palette and also keeps
the look sophisticated.  This bold, coral pattern is printed on a heavy linen cloth that can be used as an accent, upholstery or drapery fabric.  
A cozy, neutral, velvet sofa is a great way to keep a space with coral tones from feeling too "summery" when it is complete.  If you live in Bermuda, you can disregard that.
You might be asking why we would choose a light blue woven fabric as our next accent in the space?  Because orange and blue are complements on the color wheel, they naturally energize each other when used together in a space.  
A large, coral chenille ottoman is a great way to prop your feet during a Netflix binge session.  Pair it with a lacquered tray for a perfect spot for your popcorn.  
Behind your neutral, velvety sofa, we are adding more texture and interest with a woven console table.  A piece with "waterfall" type legs allow you to easily tuck ottomans underneath and keep things looking tidy from all angles.  
On your fabulous new, woven console put a pair of these glossy lamps to keep your look modern.  Tuck two or three of these sculptural ottomans under your console table for flexible seating, and as another way to introduce color and pattern.  
Tuck two or three of these sculptural ottomans under your console table for flexible seating, and as another way to introduce color and pattern.
A way to add another, contemporary element is to layer this graphic paper like this one on the back wall of your bookcases.  (Surely you didn't think we were going to let that decorative opportunity go to waste?)  Most of the pattern will be obscured by your books and favorite treasures, but you will still see a hint of this punchy addition.  The white background will also keep your bookcases, which can often be a bit shadowy, light and interesting.  
Don't forget a couple of sunny, yellow accent pillows and your new, coral family room is ready to roll!  
Living Coral:  Living with the Color of the Year
Where would you use coral?  
Tell us all about what you think of the 2019 Color Of The Year!  
February 17, 2019


DuAnne F. Edwards said:

I absolutely love all these together!!!! {But I have had a love for coral for a long time :)} The really interesting accent was the green graphic paper as a bookcase lining—Love it! The coral lamp is stunning!!!

Nicole said:

Hi Michelle, We are so glad you love the blue! It is by Palladian Blue (HC-144) by Benjamin Moore.

Michelle said:

Love that blue color! What paint brand and color is that?

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