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Working from home became the new norm for so many of us during the pandemic.  While we needed our spaces to suddenly pull double-duty, we didn't have much time to think about how the space looked or felt.  We just needed it to become a place we could work.  And fast.  Now, with so many of us working remotely on a more permanent basis, there is an opportunity to make sure our work-from-home spaces are functional and beautiful for the long term.  

First, let's start with a great layout!  Does your space need to also be a lounging or television space for you or your family?  Does it need to double as a guest room?  Does it need file or other types of storage?  We have been working on designing the same den in a couple of different ways, to make the most of every square inch.

The first plan allows for more file storage in the chest of drawers.  If the space needs to double as a television space, the TV could be placed on a swivel arm above the chest.  The position of the desk allows a nice view outside while working away at the computer.  Also, it allows family members to come in and sit on the sofa to chat (or more likely, ask what is for dinner).  The generously scaled-sofa is also a pull-out for when this family occasionally has overnight guests.

The second layout offers more lounge space with a roomy chair and ottoman in place of the chest of drawers.  If comfort is more of a consideration than storage, this layout will be the winner!


First element in the room is a generous sofa that fits perfectly on our largest, open wall.  In a performance fabric, it can easily hold up to heavy usage by kids and pets.  

On either side of the sofa, we'll place generous end tables that give ample surface area and storage shelves below.  The great mix of smoky wood and natural cane gives these pieces great textural impact.  


 Repeating the natural and black color combination is a distressed wood desk that gives lots of surface area for spreading out and working long hours.  The surface will easily hold up to coffee cups and anything else your job description can dish out.  

 Desk chairs don't all necessary need to be utilitarian in appearance, or look like a robot's exoskeleton has landed in your family's den.  This comfortable option has casters underneath and offers enough support for hours of Zoom meetings.  

Above the sofa, and providing a wonderful site line from the desk, this series of blue botanical prints are bold and graphic and create a beautiful, visual rhythm across the longest wall in the room.   

 On both of the end tables, these chunky lamps add an element of texture and geometry and visually "bookend" either end of the artwork.  By lighting the far corners of the space, we make everything feel a bit bigger and brighter, even when working at home on those gloomy days.  

With the sofa, chest, desk, end tables and lamps all at approximately the same height in the room, adding some drapery panels on either side of each window, we are able to accentuate the verticality in the space.  Drapery always softens a space and makes it feel really finished.

This piece of ceramic artwork, that is currently doubling as a lamp, is perfectly at home on the desk, and the little bit of iridescent spatter makes it a show-stopper on any surface.  What an easy and gorgeous way to shed more light on your work surfaces.  

Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter is the perfect, neutral "wrapper" in this home office and den.  Not quite tan, and not quite gray, it is an incredibly versatile neutral that changes tone as the light changes in your space over the course of the day.  

There will be no mistaking this den for a sterile, corporate office once these elements are in place!  

Tell us a bit about how you are adapting to working from home!  We would love to hear!

May 09, 2021

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