Gray Blue Bedroom Design

Working on a dynamic concept for a primary bedroom today that layers in varied wood tones and textures to create a timeless solution that the client will love for years and years.  As always, we start with the floor plan.  

By placing the bed along the longest, uninterrupted wall, we paired the new bed with generous night tables.  The white washed night tables have enough surface area for a properly-scaled lamps, plus an iPad, book and cup of tea.  

A pair of silver leaf, tapered lamps add light and sheen on either side of the bed.  

The white washed night tables have storage and a pullout shelf for extra surface area.  

A capiz shell, square mirror has a mother of pearl sheen and adds texture and interest above the new dresser.

A deep-drawered dresser is big on storage and the marble top is durable and beautiful.  

A washed, vertical landscape merges all the colors and tones in the space, in a beautiful and abstract way.  

The molded maple ceiling fan is suspended tight to the ceiling to make it a less-dominant feature, as the ceilings in this space are eight feet high.  

A highly textured and patterned wing chair is the perfect spot for curling up with a book.  

This mitered wood columnar table tucks right in by the wing chair and brings a warm wood tone to the space.  

On the dresser, this blue and white spatter lamp has the perfect scale and artisanal quality to complete the space.  With pockets of light sprinkled around the room, the space is cozy and inviting.


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July 14, 2022

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