Ever wonder how to make the very most of your family room?  Ever wonder how to make your space even cozier for your family on those cold winter evenings?  
We have a client that had some good, solid, upholstered pieces, but the space still didn't feel cohesive or finished.  The final layer is often the most important - rugs, tables, lamps and artwork can "sew" a whole space together.  
We got to work putting the final finishing touches on this hard-working family room.  The client had a chaise-end sofa, a smaller-scale sofa, two swivel chairs and a square, leather ottoman.  
The first step was to determine the best way to arrange her existing pieces in the  room.  
The architecture of this room has a corner fireplace and tall soaring windows and ceilings.  Layering on rugs and creating cozy groupings of furniture encourages conversation and warming up by the fire.  
The option above will allow the swivel chairs to be front and center and near the television for epic video game battles.  Occasional chairs and multiple ottomans allow for flexible cues seating and lounging in this layout.
Even with the sofas not being a true "pair", this floor plan embraces a symmetrical vibe.  With a small game table near the fireplace, there is room for a puzzle, game or a perch to return a couple of emails at the end of the day.  
This layout throws convention to the wind by placing the smaller of the sofas in front of the fireplace.  Because the back of the sofa is below the bottom edge of the fireplace, it doesn't impede movie night.  This is a great option for conversation and large gatherings.  
Another floor plan adds another cozy chair and ottoman near the fireplace for warming up at the end of a chilly day.  With the open floor plan kitchen located to the right in this option, this offers a great spot to chat with the cook, as well.  A combination of six table and floor lamps, the grouping is surrounded by warm pools of light.  
This floor plan opens up the view to the client's beautiful back yard and allows for easy circulation to the kitchen and dining area.  There are ample surfaces to set down your iPad or cocktail from every seated position.
Our last layout combines elements of some of the previous options with a game table tucked right near the fireplace, a pair of swivel chairs near the television for ultimate gaming and football watching.  
This busy family looks forward to the end of the day when they can relax and be together, and our goal is to always design a space that supports and enhances their time in their favorite room in the house.  
November 20, 2022

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