Neutral Bedroom Concept
Wanting a wonderful and soothing design for your bedroom?  Does your space need a little freshening?  Look no further!  Our client wanted something that felt polished and feminine, but with pieces that would allow her personality to shine through.  And, she wanted it to be NEUTRAL.  
Interesting and neutral, can those words peacefully coexist?  We got to work to see if we could make neutral feel interesting and inviting.  
With a neutral scheme, texture and value become incredibly important. If there isn't enough variety in those two things, the whole scheme can fall flat.  When a neutral palette falls flat, you may feel you are living in a big bowl of "oatmeal beige" instead of a sophisticated and polished space that invigorates you.  This light and fresh Benjamin Moore Pale Oak paint color is the perfect visual "wrapper" for the new space.  
cream black chinoiserie lamps

Cream and black ginger-jar-style lamps add a glossy ceramic and lucite texture, as well as a high-contrast black and cream
painted on design.

Black and white watercolor bird prints, installed in sets of three on either side of the window are the perfect juxtaposition of a traditional art from rendered in a modern and impressionistic way.
This iconic Schumacher print, Pyne Hollyhock, is feminine and traditional, but rendered in a high-contrast, austere color palette.  The crisp neutrals keep the print from getting too sweet and expected.  
An extremely edited version of a four poster bed nods to tradition, and visually anchors the room with a combination of deep, dark wood and light upholstery.  
Next to the client's new reading chair, we snatched up this sculptural and rustic side, spot table.  The perfect spot for a cup of tea or book, the casual nature of this piece knocks down the formality of some of the other pieces.  
An edgier interpretation of a wing chair has height and presence to visually balance the "weight" of the bed across the room.  
This woven fabric in creamy white and smoky charcoal is perfect for the drapery in this space.  The geometry of this chevron fabric counterbalances the feminine vibe of the floral fabric and sinuous furniture silhouettes.  
A height-adjustable pharmacy-style floor lamp is the perfect reading light next to the wing chair.  With a slim profile, the lamp gives wonderful light without a bright and distracting fabric lamp shade.  
Putting your feet up in the reading corner will make it the best seat in the house. This allows you to cozy up in this room without having to climb into bed.  
Contemporary square artwork in a misty, neutral palette adds an abstract element to balance all of the other crisp and precise elements.  The square format is an unexpected format for a traditional, landscape subject matter.  
Replacing the ubiquitous ceiling fan with something more elevated adds a polished and sophisticated vibe to the bedroom's ceiling.  This light has a silk shade and can be dimmed for varied light options.  
Wool, patterned carpet installed wall to wall adds a luxurious softness and cocoon quality to this bedroom retreat.  Would you like to talk with a Nest designer about freshening your bedroom?  Link to schedule your own, free Discovery Call right here!
December 11, 2022

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