After months of gray and clouds, summer always seems to literally burst open in Wisconsin in a riot of color.  It seems everywhere you turn is photo worthy.  We've recapped a few, glorious summer paint colors that seem to embody the joyful colors of summer. Benjamin Moore Distant Grey OC-68
Benjamin Moore Distant Grey OC-68
A lovely contrast to the riot of color is the fresh white of chamomile blooms or ditch daisies and the contrast of the white always draws your eye, just as the contrast draws your eye in an interior, as well.  
Benjamin Moore Sweet Bluette 813
Benjamin Moore Sweet Bluette 813
This light, lovely blue is the perfect shade of summer sky, as it seems to go on forever on those sunny, bright days.
Benjamin Moore Summer Blue 2067-50
Benjamin Moore Summer Blue 2067-50
Benjamin Moore's Summer Blue almost demands to be included, just by its name, doesn't it?  This is that deeper shade the sky takes on as the sun disappears behind fluffy white, high clouds in a summer sky
Benjamin Moore Courtyard Green 546
Benjamin Moore Courtyard Green 546
This deep yellow-green is the perfect shade of emerging leaves and waving grasses.  This color was actually the paint color for the living room in our first home, and the contrast with white trim was heavenly.  
Benjamin Moore Windmill Wings 2067-60
Benjamin Moore Windmill Wings 2067-60
Such a clear purple-blue, this color is the perfect shade for emerging hydrangea blooms which always seem to flourish -whether in sandy soil near the shore or in deep shade around a northern Wisconsin cabin.  Benjamin Moore Luscious 1369
Benjamin Moore Luscious 1369
Pink with a bit of purple-gray undertone embodies the freshness of wildflowers waving in the breeze against a backdrop of luscious green.
Benjamin Moore Stem Green 2029-40
Benjamin Moore Stem Green 2029-40
Never one to ever be able to pick just one green, foliage always embodies a green spectrum and makes it impossible to capture the feeling of summer with just one, lone green selection.  
Benjamin Moore Melrose Pink 1363
Benjamin Moore Melrose Pink 1363
Deep fuchsia is the tone of sedum blooms just forming in the summer, and is such a great contrast against silvery green leaves.
Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green PM-12
Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green PM-12
The shiny, silvery pine needles or glossy boxwood leaves are the elements that visually "ground" a riotous summer paint palette.  We hope your summer is wonderful, and colorful!
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June 20, 2021

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