Our #2 remodeling request (a very close second behind kitchens) is always mud room makeovers!  Even if you don't have a large space to work with, making the most of what you have can keep order in the rest of your home.  If there is a spot for coats, shoes, boots, bags, backpacks, mittens, scarves, hats and the like, right inside the back door, the clutter can often be contained to that area.

There are a few, basic dimensions and guidelines that we have perfected over the years, to solve our client's biggest mud room challenges.  Attached are a few mud room solutions, with dimensions and details called out, to help you build the space that will truly make your life a little bit easier......

1.  The Full Cubby (not to be confused with the Full Monty).  A great solution when you have space for fully divided sections for each family member.

2.  Hinged-Top Hideaway

Great when you want storage depth and completely hidden storage for large boots, shoes or other items

3.  A Place For Everything

Um, when exactly did every surface in our homes become covered with charger cords, electronic devices and USB everything...  this custom chest solves it all, and hides it all.


4.  Hooked On Storage

When you just need a place for everything, that isn't on your floor.  Combine vertical storage with miles of functional hooks, and you have a space that everyone loves.  

We'd love to hear about your biggest mudroom challenges and any solutions that have really worked for you!  Just comment or "post" below!

All pieces seen here are built, finished and installed by Williamson Remodeling


January 02, 2018

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