Modern Farmhouse Bedroom
Looking to update your bedroom?  Looking to create a serene, farmhouse-inspired space?  We will walk you through it, step by step, right here:
This room has painted lath strips on the walls for instant texture and interest.  Typically used in older homes as the substrate for plaster to be adhered to, lath strips don't often see the light of day, but here, they are the star of this space.  Don't have lath strips behind your walls?  Don't worry!  This look can be recreated by using new lath, applied horizontally, instead.  Just leave a little space between each strip to give the look of authentic lath.  If you don't have this to start with, you can create it with new lath strips.  
plaster and lathLath Strips
Next, we white wash the strips with a mixture of paint and glazing liquid to allow some of the texture and grain to come through the coating.  We recommend 50% paint and 50% glazing liquid, available at paint stores for the optimal  texture and vintage look.  
Wall Color:  Benjamin Moore White Dove, OC-17 used in a flat finish, is a great clean white, without being chalky.  
Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17
Window Color:  Paint out window mullions in a contrasting smoky black for extra-depth on your windows.  We recommend Benjamin Moore's Galaxy, 2117-20 in a satin finish.
Benjamin Moore Galaxy 2117-20
This room has deep, dark wooden floors in sharp contrast with the light walls in this space.  If you aren't lucky enough to inherit beautiful wood floors in your space, a wonderful option can be found in this Mannington product.  Because it is refinished, installation is quick, and will keep the rest of your project moving right along.  
Mannington Prefinished Hardwood
Let's start with a statement bed!  With the clean, architectural lines of this upholstered bed, it almost creates a room within your room and creates a cozy area within this larger bedroom.  
Navy Shelter Bed
Next, let's tackle nightstands.  These modern, moorish-inspired pieces are a great solution that incorporates some open storage and some closed storage.  The finish is a smoky black, applied over a wood stain for a finish that is loaded with patina and depth.  
Perfect perch for putting on your shoes, a simple upholstered bench is a wonderful addition at the foot of the bed.  
This Elyse bench is modern and soft, at the same time.  The proportion of this piece, being almost as wide as the bed, gives it a luxurious feel.  
Elyse Bench
A sculptural light fixture draws your eye up to the tall ceiling in this bedroom.  Because the piece is so linear and smoky-dark, it becomes another piece of artwork, against the light, white walls.
Light Fixture
A modern watercolor landscape is an interesting and contemporary choice when combined with the traditional lath walls.  The crisp black frame makes makes it stand out nicely against the creamy backdrop.  
Modern Watercolor
Walls, floors, furniture, lighting and artwork are the key elements of your modern, farmhouse bedroom!  Send us a photo of your fabulous farmhouse space!
Would you like a few more tips from your Nest team?  Or, still not sure how to get started?  We are here for you!  
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February 02, 2020

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