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Love pink, but wondering how to layer it into your paint palette with a sophisticated twist?  We've got just the palette for you!


Benjamin Moore Temptation 1609Benjamin Moore Temptation 1609 is perfect smoky tone to "ground" a pink-hued palette.  


Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach 1597A fresh neutral, clear gray, Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach 1597 bounces the light and balance the warmer tones of a pink palette.  


Benjamin Moore Sailor's Delight 1296Benjamin Moore's Sailor's Delight 1296 is warmest, loveliest pink you could ever dream of....


Benjamin Moore Marry Me 1289The most demure shade of glossy pink.  Benjamin Moore's Marry Me 1289 is lovely for ceilings, mats for artwork, or the chunkiest, softest blankets.  


Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130Glossy millwork shines in Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130.     A wonderfulcreamy white that is still pure and fresh, without all of the chalkiness of a starker white.

Benjamin Moore Salmon Peach 2013-50With the slightest warm undertone, Benjamin Moore Salmon Peach 2013-50 is the most flattering color to all skin tones. Slather it on walls or upholstery...


Benjamin Moore Melon Popsicle 2016-50The perfect sunny partner to the softer pink palette, this warm shade  of Benjamin Moore Melon Popsicle 2016-50 brightens and balances the whole look.  


Benjamin Moore A La Mode 2109-70Gorgeous for furniture finishes (think lacquered desks or dining tables), sculptural lamps or a neutral wall color this Benjamin Moore A La Mode 2109-70 is the perfect backdrop!  

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Need help picking the perfect tones and paints for your spaces?  Your Nest Team can help with that!
January 05, 2020

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