Our client has a historic, 1920's home that has a traditional layout, with several, separate rooms on their first floor typical of homes from that era.  The separation of rooms allows for some latitude on the decor, unlike a more modern, open concept home.  
The first thing we have to do, to make this design dream a reality, is find the perfect floor plan for this client's needs.  How are they going to use this space?  How many people?  At what time of the day?  Armed with all the relevant knowledge, we started crafting the perfect furniture footprint for this space.  
With the perfect plan in hand, we started thinking about how to bring this space to life.  The client loves color, and was open to wrapping the space in layers of color and texture.  
We picked this soft, pink Benjamin Moore hue for the walls.  The natural, gray undertones will keep the color from getting too bright and bold.  
This slightly lighter shade will be the ceiling color.  The ceilings are tall in this space and framed out by stained, crown molding.  
This hooked, colorful rug was the color springboard for the entire space.  With a sooty, charcoal background, the greens, blues, pinks and cinnamons are grounded and work beautifully together.  
A camel-colored, velvet ottoman will tuck under the coffee table and be additional seating, as needed.  
Glossy, gray lamps add texture, light and sheen to the den.  
Smoky, smudgy pastel drawings will softly contrast with the pink walls.  The landscape subject matter also adds depth to the den, because of their inherent vanishing points within the artwork.  It gives the effect of seeing "into" the paintings.  
A cozy, comfortable sectional is the perfect, curling up spot for this cozy, TV den.  
A modern, tumbled edge, slate coffee table is perfect, bullet-proof surface for games, puzzles and snacks.  The durable slate can hold up to anything the clients can dish out.  
Generous end tables have enough surface area for a lamp, and cup of coffee and a book or IPad.  
This tall bookcase tucks beautifully into a corner and offers the perfect spot for the family's favorite books and collectibles.  The glass doors keep everything dust -free and on display. 
An unusual and rustic chest of drawers becomes the perfect perch for the client's television and also offers storage for throw blankets, games, etc.  
A round, sculptural table tucks effortlessly between the new sectional and lounge chair for a surface that is easy to reach from both vantage points.  Making the most of every inch of our client's spaces, in a way that works effortlessly for THEM is the most rewarding part of our work as designers.  What can we create for YOU?
November 14, 2021

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