A young family's first floor furniture layout just wasn't working for them.  A sofa, a chair, a couple of tables scattered around does not make a comfortable or cohesive space.  So, we started thinking about what the space could be, to accommodate the four of them easily, but could also swell to allow for a crowd.  



With a pair of sofas, swivel chair, occasional chair, space for an extra game and project table this space becomes multi-functional for family members involved in different activities within the same space.  

The girls take piano lessons, so the piano needs to find a spot in the family room. There is a fireplace in the room, so the primary seating area is oriented accordingly.  Also a primary television watching area, the plan needs to support that, as well.  



As an alternative layout, an asymmetrical sectional is slotted into the space, to offer additional seating and lounging.  By rotating the piano to the diagonal wall, bookcases can be added into the space in front of a generous banquette for games and book storage.  

By defining and enhancing the function of each area, this first floor layout will exceed the client's expectations for years to come.  



December 05, 2021

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