So much happens as you come into the house....there needs to be ample room for bags, coats, shoes, boots and backpacks.  When the space also doubles as a laundry room, the chaos also doubles!  This client had a space that was large enough, but everything still felt pinched and dark.  
Nest Interior Design Before
The closet right inside the garage door was great in theory, but no one actually hangs their coat in the closet or puts there shoes inside, do they?  Everything was landing in a big pile right in front of the closet doors.  Which always created a frustrating hurdle between the main kitchen hallway and the washer and dryer.  Since no one wants to trip over boots and backpacks while carrying a laundry basket, we needed to open this space up!  Williamson Remodeling removed the closet and instantly the space felt twice as big.  They also scaled back the wall between the mudroom area and the laundry room, allowing more light to spill into the mudroom portion of the space.  
During Mudroom Remodel
Because there was a large, vertical trunk line for the HVAC behind the wall on the right side of the new boot locker, the right side couldn't be the same depth as the left side.  This was a feat of master carpentry, as every detail counted to make the boot locker feel in proportion with the rest of the space and give this busy family enough room for all the bulky winter coats while masking the bulky trunk line.
The backs of the boot locker are paneled in durable, painted hardwood shiplap.  There are two rows of hooks to offer lots of space for bags, backpacks and loads of coats.  
The patterned floor hides dust and dirt in this high traffic space, and the stained boot locker seat is far more durable than a painted surface.  
When a space like this works better and meets your family's needs, everything just gets a bit easier in these hard-working spaces...
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July 18, 2021

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