My lovely niece's high school graduation party is today, and she asked me to help her with floral arrangements for each of the tables at her party.  Her color scheme is a blush peach and white.  We got started with six of the same size container.  

Start with clean, wide mouth jars

These containers are perfect for building floral compositions, as they have a wide mouth and a wide base, in case the wind starts gusting through her party tent and threatens to topple any arrangements.  The wide base gives us lots of stability.   

Because Lily wanted a really particular shade of blush peach, I placed an order for 18 roses from our local florist, to make sure we could have that striking color represented exactly.  The rest, I filled in with grocery store flowers and greenery pilfered from my yard.  

Available at the grocery store was clearance baby's breath and some green mums.  Six bunches of baby's breath and two bundles of mums later, we were on our way!  

In the yard, the mint had taken over a few of my planting beds, so we chopped with abandon.  Creating a "cuff" of mint around the perimeter of each container.  The "cuff" of greenery supports other flowers in the container, and allows us to use fewer flowers in each arrangement, but still giving the effect of luscious, exuberant and loose bouquets.  


Add a cuff of greenery

Baby's breath is super frothy and creates interior structure for easily holding other flowers in place.  

The mint adds a wildflower energy to the arrangements and keeps them feeling loose, casual and joyful.  


Peach Rose arrangement
June 18, 2023

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