This kitchen was large enough, but the space still just wasn't working for this busy family. It felt dark and dated, even though the home itself wasn't all that old.  The client wanted this to be the ultimate gathering space in their home, so we got to work.  The island was undersized, the cabinetry didn't meet the ceiling, and the lighting felt very expected and basic.  

Ready to go bolder, we jumped in with this client and designed a space that was crisp blue, fresh gray and white.  

Chrome lighting bounces the light beautifully along this much larger, new island.   With more prep surface, and room for seating, the new island is more proportionate to the space than the original one.    

Everything felt just a bit dark, and the dining area was generously scaled, but felt just a bit disconnected from the main body of the kitchen. 

We added a beverage fridge, more storage, floating shelves and an upholstered, storage bench to make the most of every inch of this re-imagined dining area.  


Easy to see in this angled shot, there was just a bit too much distance between the island and the dining area.  We extended the island, added built-ins and layered in more substantial window treatments to create visual balance in this large kitchen.  


The client had a family "command" center on their kitchen wall, and needed to add this element back into the finished space.  This barn door has an upholstered, fabric panel on the right, and a frosted glass white board on the left.  The upholstered door slides over top of the frosted glass door to access the client's pantry.  Because there was an air vent along the floor in this spot that would impede the function of the barn door mechanism, the carpentry team cut vent slits into the bottom portion of the door for and integrated solution.  


There was a bit of "dead space" between the end of the existing cabinetry and the sliding, patio door, so we extended the cabinetry on this wall, and moved the refrigerator placement to this spot.  We also added a shelf for their microwave and an appliance garage to make elevate this space, aesthetically and functionally.  The carpentry team crafted a custom solution to bridge the gap between ceiling and top of the cabinetry.  

So, how do you think we did?  More storage?  More functional work surface?  More seating for friends and family?  More lighting and sparkle?  More of this family's personality?  


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March 12, 2023

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