Design a space that allows your child to thrive at home! 

Special needs families have particular needs for their communal, family or play spaces. In this free guide we share with you six simple strategies to help you create a nurturing and supportive environment.  



Let us help you create a sanctuary for your family

You’ve heard those words. 
Your child has Autism.

All your parental instincts instantly go into high alert.  What does this mean for my child?  How can I help them at school?  How can I help them at home?  How can I help them have the best life they possibly can? 

You are not alone. 

I have been there, too.  When my son was diagnosed with Autism, everything felt so completely out of control.  I felt like I didn’t know enough to help him with everything he needed. 

The ONE (and only ONE) place I felt like I did know what I was doing was designing a space to help him thrive at home.  So, in the sea of uncertainty that came with his diagnosis, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work designing a play space for him that could support him throughout his day. 

When I saw how this space calmed him, soothed him, and gave him a place of refuge from outside pressures and stimuli, I knew we were on to something. 

Let’s take my tried and true formula and customize it to fit your child and your home beautifully. We...

  • Layer in six core elements into your new space to support everything your child is dealing with. 
  • Find a way to do it that is aesthetically pleasing and a beautiful extension of the rest of your home. 
  • Will layer in all the function and specific needs we have, but in a way that doesn’t make your family feel that they are living in a preschool or bare bones therapy room. 

Let’s get started! 


  • Discovery Call to learn about you, your child and your family
  • Style Strategy Session - to understand your aesthetic and how we can make this space integrate with the rest of your home.
  • Design Boards and Floor Plans
  • Rendering - so you can see your space before moving forward.  This is the magic moment when you can see all that your new space could be. 
  • Shopping List - you receive a detailed list with links to execute your project, on a timeline that works for you and your family’s schedule.  Nest can also execute and install your new space, if you prefer.  That can be quoted separately for you based on location. 
  • The Big Reveal - Show off your space.  We love to see your end result, and hear all about how your family is using and enjoying this transformative area of your home. 

PACKAGE PRICE:  $3250.00