We believe great design makes a space feel like it was made just for you. Our exclusive sampling of American-made furniture, lighting, and accessories is curated by our experienced team of interior designers with an eye for quality, style, and timeless proportions. Nest seeks out and manufactures products you’ll want—and be able—to keep in your home for generations.

We are driven by style and substance. Aesthetics and everyday living. Having endless choices is nice, but taking your pick from the choicest selection is better. When you’re inspired by beautiful, unusual things, you discover yourself, your style, and a better sense of home.


Nicole Fulton

Your home should be your sanctuary at the end of the day.  A place that fills you with joy, and that is what I LOVE creating for our clients. The importance of home was something that was drilled into me, from a very early age.  Moving 19 times in 19 years made the act of looking for houses and relocating such a regular occurrence, that I thought nothing of packing up my modest, childhood bedroom in anticipation of the next adventure.  Criss-crossing the country and seeing different local styles of living and architecture made me curious about all things “home” whether we were in Rhode Island or New Mexico, or anywhere in between!   Working for three prestigious residential design firms, and with a design degree from University of Wisconsin in my pocket, the time was right to found Nest Interior Design.  Over two and a half decades later, spending time getting to know our clients, and helping them solve their design and remodeling challenges, is STILL truly a thrill!   

Stephanie Berge

My inspiration for working in the design world comes from my mother and grandmother.  Their warm and inviting homes instantly put me and everyone who visited them at ease.  Their talent for finding and placing unique new and vintage decor items infuses their homes with their own personal style.  Luck enough to have grown up in a beautiful home, I innately understood the importance of creating your family’s own, individual space, and that has informed my 15+ year career in residential design and customer service.  Watching the design come together for our clients is as exciting as working on my own home.  Working with clients AND beautiful things, is a match made in heaven for me!