Loving the huge design impact of a four-poster bed, but concerned it may "tip" too traditional?  It is all about the pairing of pieces, to keep this look balanced and modern!  

Rule #1:  Let's face it.  A four-poster bed is the Mariah Carey of the furniture world.  In other words, pure diva!  Everything else in the space must be less dramatic and less traditional than the four-poster, focal point.

Rule #2:  Bedding must be bold and graphic, to hold its own against the dramatic lines of the bed.  Because the bed itself is quite sculptural, the bedding should also have graphic appeal.  In this scheme, we used Celerie Kimble's Hothouse Flowers pattern, in the neutral palette for it's fresh, high-contrast punch.  The creamy tones in this pattern keep the look from getting too visually heavy. 

Rule #3:  Break the rules when it comes to companion furniture.  A matched suite of bedroom furniture pieces is rarely a good idea, and with a four-poster bed, it will send you right back to Colonial Williamsburg.  We used the washed aqua, Somerset Bay night tables that inject a little mid-century mod into this traditional look.  Slather on a beautiful paint color to keep these pieces modern, and just a little edgy.

Rule #4:   Layer a graphic rug, to anchor the space.  This is no time to trot out the Persian rug.  Think fresh, clean, bold patterning to energize your overall look.  Here we used Dash and Albert's cotton, striped Birmingham rug, for it's cotton softness and simple lines.

Rule #5:  Add lighting with a reflective finish, such as chrome or polished nickel.  A glass or metal lamp or wall sconce will definitely do the trick.  The shiny, texture will balance all of the "matte" tones of the bed frame, rug and bedding.

Rule #6:  Send us a photo of your finished space!  We'd love to see!


June 01, 2017

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