This family therapist’s office is her home away from home during the week, and where she sees patients daily.  She was returning to the work force on a more full-time basis as her children got older, and she wanted the space to be inviting and comfortable for her patients, as they were doing good work together.  


She wanted to knock off some of the commercial office feeling of the space, so we began layering in color, textures and comfort into the office “shell”. The short, industrial carpet was light gray, and the walls were white, so we started with those parameters, and turned up the volume on everything else.  


The office itself wasn’t large, but she wanted to have a zone where she could work, make her notes and prepare for her day, as well as an incredibly comfortable zone within which to conduct her therapy sessions.  The longest, large wall was the obvious spot on which to bank our largest piece of furniture, a comfortable loveseat.  This long wall opposite the windows was also the perfect spot for our largest decorative element, a removeable wallpaper.  

This fresh green, white and black mural was colorful, but still peaceful and serene - just what she had in mind.  Because the mural is a landscape motif, it visually extends your site line out through the office and makes the whole space feel more expansive.  

This Dorset, tight-back sofa was perfect, but it had a compact scale, and always look crisp, which is important in a professional setting.  The tapered legs also make the piece feel visually lighter, which helps in a compact work space.  

This Ikea desk is a budget-friendly option, and the waterfall sides have a clean, architectural line to her personal work zone.  The beauty of a waterfall style, is that the solid sides easily hide cords for computers and lamps, and keep the space feeling ordered and serene.  




More compact than a typical office chair, this skirted chair on casters can be customized with a crisp, white fabric or a more colorful option.  Using this skirted chair as a desk chair imbues the space with a more residential vibe, and also adds softness to a commercial office space, with lots of straight lines and right angles. 




These side tables also have file drawer storage, and a great place to tuck away daily office essentials.    


On the two side tables/file cabinets are a pair of glossy table lamps.  The glossy green are set off nicely against the ethereal mural.  


On her desk is a beautiful, marbleized teal and white porcelain lamp.  

A storage ottoman is a great spot within which to store any extra materials needed, of as an additional perch, or place to prop your feet during a session.  

While she is in session, this therapist needs a comfortable chair where she can be fully present for her patients.  

A side table and lamp next to her chair provide functional lighting and allow for an easy surface for a notebook or glass of water.  The cylindrical shape easily hides and nearby cords.  



This adjustable pharmacy-style floor lamp provides fantastic task light, and lights her notebook without creating glare for her patients.  


These bookcases can be seamlessly banked together, if space permits.  With a combination of open and closed storage, this piece adds vertical interest and valuable storage.  

On either side of her large windows, this abstract artwork brings color and texture on the opposite side of the room, and visually balances the colors and tones of the wallpaper mural opposite.  




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July 05, 2024

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