Nest Interior Design Palm Frond Powder RoomPowder rooms are an amazing opportunity to create a statement in your home!  With a smaller footprint, powder rooms are a space most guests will visit when they come to your home.  What an opportunity to create a distillation and a concentration of the style of your entire first floor.  This is the perfect place to intensify your aesthetic and take some big, exciting risks.  

The perfect place to start for a powder room design is with the walls!  Detailed paneling, dramatic paint or a dynamic wallpaper are all amazing springboards for the look of your space.  If you have an historic home with lots of detail, or an amazing carpenter, the paneling is perfect.  If you have beautiful architecture or moldings, then a dramatic paint color can be all you need, and the paint will highlight and accentuate those elements.  If you have a simple space, with drywalled walls, and not-so-amazing architectural elements, (like a lot of us do) WALLPAPER is your new best friend!  

In this space, we picked an overscaled paper with a neutral background.  The large pattern creates instant drama, and the neutral background gives us a way to “ground” the space, and easily tie in other neutral elements on the floor, cabinetry, etc.  

This paper, with its bold, palm frond motif, feels like you have teleported somewhere beautiful and bold and tropical, when you step into this powder room.

Arizona Wallpaper Nest Interior Design

Our next choice is the vanity cabinet.  A vanity with some storage is always a good choice, and this piece feels interesting, but not overly textural.  A wood with a heavy grain or too much visual “movement” would fight with the paper.  There can only be one “diva” in a space this small.  The wallpaper wins.  

This vanity has oversized, contemporary pulls.  Because the pulls are chrome, the light will bounce delightfully off the surface and keep your eye moving around the space.  This also repeats the finish of the faucet and creates a cohesive whole.


Because the wallpaper is so curvilinear and organic, the mirror and sconces can be simple, streamlined and edited, without feeling like they are too simple.  With minimal clips, this mirror allows the paper to shine.  

 Mirror Image Home Mirror


The most flattering light is a sconce on either side of a mirror.  Putting those sconces on a dimmer allows the light level to be brought down in the evening to create a softer, more dramatic glow.  These Visual Comfort, Rousseau sconces are the perfect combination of vintage inspiration with a contemporary execution.  

 Rousseau Medium Sconce

Chrome, streamlined bath accessories keep the modern feel alive in even the smallest of details.  Taking your design to the limit means not missing any creative opportunities. 

Towel ring

This Kohler, Loure towel ring is modern and minimal.  Perfect when paired with an exuberant paper.  

 Chrome Towel Ring

Door Knob

If you are remodeling your space, don't forget about the way you enter the space.  This Emtek, crystal knob has a vintage vibe, but the square chrome rosette makes it contemporary in the best possible way!

 Emtek Modern Disc Crystal Square Rosette


Flooring:  By selecting an oversized tile that measures 24 x 48, the grout lines are minimized, and the floor almost takes on a solid slab of stone feel, without the solid-slab-of-stone price.  


Even down to the wastebasket, each element is an opportunity to layer on style and texture.   


Area Rug

Don’t forget about the final touch!  The area rug needs to be part of the design concept, and not simply an afterthought.  By bringing this bold color tone out of the paper and onto the floor, your eye continues to move around the space and appreciate the contrast of textures and materials.

Area Rug 

Love this look?  We'd love to hear about it!  Want help creating another look for YOUR space, in your home?  We are here to bring style and happiness into your space!   

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August 18, 2019

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