Wisconsin cabins and cottages are always favorite gathering spots for generations of families, and this one was no exception.  With beautiful lake views, and tons of fun water activities, these unique properties are a perennial draw.  

Older structures like these don't typically have large bedrooms, and clients are always looking for ways to get room for more beds for family and friends.  We wanted to infuse this space with function and warmth, but still make it feel like it has always been this way.  

We started with sourcing made-to-look-old beds, as we needed a pair, and pairs of vintage pieces are often a challenge to find.  After layering in vintage inspired matelasse coverlets and wool blankets, we added functional sconces for rainy day reading, and a vintage table to act as a night stand. 

The client was thrilled with the result, and guests are always fighting for "dibs" on this cozy spot!  

December 03, 2023

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