5 THINGS DESIGNERS WISH YOU WOULD STOP BUYING FOR YOUR HOMEStepping into a new client's home is still one of the most exciting things about being an interior designer.  Helping you transform your space is still so freaking THRILLING, I can't even explain it.  But, after 27 years of walking through the doors of your homes, there are some common pitfalls we see over and over.  Here are the top 5 things we wish you would stop buying, and why.......
Why?  Because you will get tired of every single piece in your room at the exact. same. moment.  When you purchase a matched set all at one time, it is (by definition) all one style, and a little impersonal.  I can’t tell anything about YOUR style when your room is full of a "set" of furniture.  Totally understand that if you are unsure how to put pieces together, this seems like a good way to quickly and easily put your whole space together.  If you like the style of a set of furniture, that is still okay.  Just don't buy every single piece.  
Dining Room:
In a dining room, if you aren't sure where to start and you like the set, pick the table and buffet from the set, but mix in different chairs.  Mix in a splashy piece of art or mirror over the buffet or on a textured wall.  Let your style shine.  The pieces need to work together, but not necessarily "match".  This contemporary dining area incorporates sculptural pieces, instead of a set. 
Nest Interior Design Dining Room
This more traditional dining room is infused with color, but mixes a classically-styled table with vibrant, upholstered chairs.
Dining Room Upholstered Chairs 


In a bedroom, if there is a set of furniture you like, buy the dresser and nightstands, and mix in an upholstered bed.   When every single piece matches every other piece, it feels a bit like your room is wearing an outfit that is made all from one singular fabric.  When you use the same fabric on your blazer, your shirt, your vest, your pants and your shoes it is simply too much of a good thing.   

Upholstered Bed

2.  ONE LAMP.  

One lamp currey and companyYou need a PAIR.  You might need just one at this moment for the chest in your front hall.  But, chances are, you probably have another spot in your home that the second lamp could “live”, as well.  Then down the road, you can use the two of them as a pair on end tables in your den, on either side of a large buffet cabinet in your dining room, or on a pair of nightstands in your guest room.  A pair gives you so much more flexibility later.  If in doubt, buy the pair! As you can see here, in our front store window, even on mismatched end tables, the pair of lamps makes such a bigger impact than a singular lamp would have.  

Nest pair of lamps

Two lamps equals happiness


I haven’t been to your home, and I don’t know you yet, but I guarantee there is enough beige in your house already.  Beige feels practical, and beige feels super safe.  

No more beige

And, beige keeps your personality from showing up in your home.  If your home is a space that should be uniquely yours, it has to look like YOU, and not like every other living room on the block. Neutral is okay, but layer in some smoky charcoals, some crisp whites, just be careful with beige.  You can start to feel like you are living in a big bowl of oatmeal......


When rugs are too small, they just feel skimpy.  If you have a rug under your kitchen table or under your dining room table, it needs to 3’ bigger than your table in every direction.  For example if your dining table is 3’ wide x 6’ long, your area rug needs to be 9’ x 12’, to be proportionate.  This size gives enough room for you to pull your chair out without catching the chair legs on the rug.   An area rug that is the right size makes your whole space feel more finished, luxurious and pulled together.  In a living space, the rug needs to be big enough for at least the front legs of each piece of furniture to rest on it.  

Area Rug Sizing



Artwork is the place to let YOUR personality shine.  When it matches your furniture perfectly, you will get tired of it REALLY quickly.  Artwork should bring you instant joy when you see it.  And, the best part is you don’t even have to know why you love it, or why it brings you joy.  Art is visceral, we just respond to it.  Art is a great place to start a room, or finish a room - you can decide.  It can inspire an entire space, or it can be your perfect, finishing touch, but just don’t let it be an afterthought.  Take your time to find something you really love, and it will be completely worth your investment of time and money.   

Artwork is a great place to introduce colors or textures that aren't already in your space.  The brass frames on these pieces of artwork add just the right amount of sheen and set the pieces nicely apart from the painted, flat texture of the wood paneled walls behind them.  Koi Fish Artwork

Artwork is also a great way to introduce color that might not already be in your space.  This should be a place to express yourself, and if in doubt, go bigger with the artwork than you think.  You should not have to be standing one foot away from the watercolor, oil painting etching or your daughter's art class masterpiece to appreciate its style, movement and subject matter.  
Colorful Artwork Nest Interior Design

We know your style is AMAZING!  So, let's see more of it in your home!  Not quite sure how to start?  We've got you - your Nest design team is here to help!  

Book a discovery call right here, and we can help you get started with a virtual, or in-person meeting to make your home everything you have dreamed it could be.  


April 26, 2020

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