Every once in awhile, we need to pivot and execute something with "off the rack", quickly available products to finish a project, and this one just happened to be for my own parents! 

We just finished a comprehensive kitchen remodel for their home, and their energy level and budget have been depleted through that lengthy process.  Their condo has a beautiful patio that needs some love.  They want to enjoy their charming outdoor space this summer, so we rolled up our sleeves to see what we could get quickly to allow them to get outside, as soon as THIS WEEKEND!  And even better, everything we sourced totaled less than $1600.00 for everything!  
The exterior of their condo has some colors that we are inheriting, and the grays and tans are prevalent, so we decided to riff on those colors to pull things together, harmoniously with what was the space's existing "DNA". 

Outdoor area rugs are a great way to unite an outdoor color palette, and give a space an instantly more polished vibe.  This one was a whopping 8' x 10' and unites our whole seating grouping with chic pattern and color.  
My folks wanted to seat four people for dinner, or their neighbors for an impromptu cocktail hour, so we opted for this gray and black, modern outdoor dining table.  
My folks new home is close to our office, so a comfortable place to collapse after a long work day was on my mind, when I picked these outdoor woven dining chairs, which are so comfortable they can also double as lounge chairs.  We needed four, so we are getting two sets of two, for less than $500.00.  
Next we needed something jaunty and colorful to control the summer sun, so we are scooping up this mustard and white market umbrella to give their outdoor space instant personality, and to tie to our new outdoor area rug.  The tailored lines of this feel a bit more sophisticated than the standard, off the rack options. 
To keep the new umbrella secure, we added this 26 pound umbrella stand to our cart.  This will keep everything stable and looking fantastic on the new patio.  
For some easy, outdoor entertaining, we selected a few versatile and lightweight pieces to make having friends and family over a breeze!  
This two-toned salad bowl is light and unbreakable, and oh-so-stylish!  Load it up with salad or tortilla chips, and the party can get started.  
Bamboo silverware is a perennial favorite, as it adds texture and traditional charm to any place setting.  
Woven chargers add texture and make plates easy to carry from patio to kitchen, and vice versa.  These beauties are an asset for entertaining, either inside or out.  
These unbreakable plates have a crackled, salt-glazed appearance and are a surprisingly stylish addition to your outdoor tables cape.  
Last but not least, my mom LOVES plants, so we have to add some architecturally-inspired planters and flowering gardenias to complete the look.  These are so fragrant, that they wrap the patio in their beautiful scent.  
What a huge relief - they will be enjoying their new space in style, all by the time this weekend rolls around!  Need help styling your spaces?  We've got you!  Grab your very own Free Discovery Call below by clicking on the bird - we'd love to hear all about you and your home!  
August 01, 2023

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