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Interior designers typically work on, well, .....interiors.  Except when we work on exteriors and giving our clients the best and biggest curb appeal they could ever imagine.  Your largest investment calls for a big exterior statement, don't you think?  The skills we use with implementing the right color, scale and texture on the inside of your home can also be used to make the exterior of your home a show-stopper!


This client started with the "need", first.  They NEEDED to make their 100+ year old farmhouse safe to withstand the next 100 years.  Inside their home, you could actually feel the wind blow through the edges of their leaking windows on a cold winter day.  As with many farmhouses of this era, the insulation was non-existent, and their siding was desperately in need of an update.  

Meyer before Nest Interior Design

Located on acres and acres of land, with space for their horses, dogs and chickens, the setting was love at first site for our client.  The house was charming and cozy, but hadn't been properly weather-proofed, and had been the recipient of several exterior, DIY projects by previous owners, over the years.  

The first step was finding a great contractor to take all of these exterior dreams and make them into a reality.  Williamson Remodeling examined the house from stem to stern, and made a game plan of how the house could be weather-proofed.  The improvements would reduce energy bills significantly, and keep the structure of the home safe and intact for decades to come.  

Weather-proof and durable are the best adjectives for any exterior selection, and we started with a window selection.  We opted for Marvin double hung windows, with the exterior, larger flange system that would give the windows a more substantial and traditionally-trimmed appearance.  This low-maintenance, fiberglass system also helps minimize leaks and drafts.  

Marvin Windows Elevate Double Hung Insert

Next up was the siding selection!  We opted to go with Diamond Kote siding, in the  8" size, in a crisp, dark Graphite finish.  This siding has a 30 year, no-fade guarantee, so there is no down side to picking a dark and tailored paint color.  

Diamond Kote siding

We also added weather-proof, vertical trim boards to all of the corners of this beautiful farmhouse, as that felt relevant to the way this home would have been originally clad.  It also added definition and contrast to each and every facade of the home.  

Then, Williamson Remodeling got to work removing the old siding, insulating and wrapping the house with a vapor barrier, to keep all the elements out.  

 House Wrap Williamson Remodeling

vertical rails

Here is a close-up detail of how those vertical, white, weather-proof trim boards offered a traditional detail to a 100+ year old home, that is now clad in modern and efficient materials.  

The client also opted to replace their existing, rotting deck board and rails with weather proof materials.  The contrast that the white rails offer against the dark siding, makes all the details pop.   Deck

 What can we create for you?  Inside, or outside your home ;)?

Meyer exterior Williamson Remodeling

June 07, 2020

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