Stuck on Artwork?  Nest Interior DesignYou've got the big pieces in your space, and then .... you ran out of steam before you tackle the artwork.  You're not alone! SUCH an important layer, but it's frequently an after thought.  You've got your sofa, chairs and tables in place, and you're feeling pretty good!  But, the space still feels a bit unfinished, and a little impersonal.  

Often, I find that when I meet with clients for the first time, they have totally skipped the artwork step, or they found a scant number of pieces they thought were just "okay".  Artwork should be something you absolutely LOVE!  If you're not quite sure how to get started with selecting this final "layer" for your spaces, here are a few, easy steps to get you started.  Let's tackle the most common problem area for artwork.....over the family room sofa!  Here are three ways to solve it!

1.  The Single Piece:  A larger-scaled, single landscape painting is a classic artwork solution!   A landscape visually extends your sight line "through" a windowless wall, and into the painting.  Consequently, your space will feel bigger and more expansive.  Placing the bottom edge of the frame about 6-8" above the back of the sofa cushions will make sure that the artwork still feels like it relates to your seating grouping.  Hanging a piece of artwork too high will make it feel like it is "floating".... With the lamps echoing the colors in the artwork, the artwork and colors extend across the entire wall.  

Landscape Artwork Nest Interior Design


 2.  Dual Pieces:  Since this sofa has three cushions, two pieces centered over the sofa is a nice option.  We would just want to center the negative space between the two pieces over the middle of the center cushion of the sofa.  Again, by hanging the pieces 6-8" above the back of the sofa, the abstract paintings will feel connected to the upholstered grouping.  The glossy, deep blue lamps pick up the deepest tones in the artwork, and "book end" both sides of the sofa.  The gold frames of the paintings pick up the brass bases of the lamps, and are a nice countertpoint to the matte textures of the leather sofa and wood side tables.


3. Three Pieces:  If you simply can't be contained with one or two pieces, three paintings could be the ultimate way to express your personal style!  How do you keep the grouping feeling cohesive, instead of frenetic?  Simply line up the lower, bottom edge of the two, lowest paintings.  Next, create a singular, vertical line between the two, smaller paintings by lining up the left edge of both pieces.  By creating two strong "anchor" lines through your gallery, you can have fun mixing up subject matters, mediums and frames of your chosen artwork.  


Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration to add your personality and style to your space!  



March 29, 2020

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