Many vacation homes (in particular condos) are built to sleep a crowd, but the common, gathering spaces are often too small to comfortably seat as many people as your home can sleep.  Problem, right?  That was exactly what was going on here in this Door County vacation home.  The client had done their best with some furniture that had been displaced from their primary home over the years.  And, it was functional.... sort of......So, we got to work to see how we could make this work better for everyone.  


This family room has an off-center fireplace and some significant traffic patterns, but lots of natural light and fresh flooring and paneling!  Let's get more seating and function layered into this space, everywhere we can.   


An asymmetrical sectional rests against the longest wall in this space to offer more seating for the whole family.  You can also catch the big game and a prime view of the fireplace through the fall and winter months.  

A telescoping ottoman tucks under the coffee table and can be pulled around as extra seating or for putting your feet up.  Under the console, we have two additional ottomans that are dining height, so they can be called in as additional dining seats, when the table is expanded.  We also tucked a banquette into the dining alcove, so the table could shift a bit towards the window and free up space in the traffic pattern into and through the room.  

A larger area rug unifies the grouping and deemphasizes the off-center fireplace.  We can't wait to see this space in action, with all the upcoming family gatherings!


July 05, 2023

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