9 Best Green Paint Colors

Green is the like the perfect party guest.....she gets along with everyone and doesn't hog the spotlight!  Perhaps because green is so prevalent in nature, our eyes easily associate it layered with every other color in the rainbow.  

Looking to find your perfect green paint color?  Well, look no further!  These designer favorites never fail.  All colors listed are available from Benjamin Moore.

LIGHT GREENS:  Evoke a freshness and optimism like no other light-toned paint.  Perhaps it is our association with Spring that makes these tones so eternal.  Light greens are wonderful for kitchens, dining rooms, or any space where you would like to multiply natural light.  Light greens are particularly lovely with painted white trim or white cabinetry, as they offer a low contrast option between wall surface and trim/cabinetry surface.  This is especially useful in a kitchen, where there is a lot of cabinetry and doorway openings.  Since the wall surfaces are small and the interval of cabinetry and wall surface could create a striped effect, if a darker color is employed, a light green is the perfect shade to make wall surface and cabinetry/trim surface hum right along together.  

MEDIUM GREENS: Are a designer's secret weapon!  On walls, these tones bring color intensity without dwarfing other colors in the space.  This ability to "play nicely with others" is a unique feature to green, and gives you the opportunity to have more than one medium-toned or saturated color in a  space without feeling like the colors are competing with each other.  Fantastic for family rooms, dens and bedrooms, these greens go the distance.  Look for a green with enough brown/gray undertone to keep it more muted in appearance.  This will give the green tone you select the most longevity in your space.  In other words, you won't tire of the shade over time.

DARK GREENS:  Fantastic for rooms with multiple exposures (for example rooms with windows on more than one side of the room), as they can get even darker in strictly-North facing rooms.  If using on walls, ramp up your lighting in the space a bit, with the use of recessed cans or other light sources.  Just make sure you have the option to dim the lights to suit your mood and task in the space.  When using dark green tones on furniture, be sure to increase the sheen level of your paint.  Use a satin or semi-gloss paint sheen to keep the piece from appearing chalky or unfinished.  When increasing the sheen level, the color will take on even more complexity, and will appear to change tone and value  over the course of the day which will make your piece all-the-more interesting!

Best Dark Green Paint Colors

What is your favorite green hue?  We would love to hear all about where you love to use green!

March 04, 2018

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