How many times have you seen the same sofa or coffee table show up across various homes on Instagram or Facebook? How often have you seen the same decor in multiple of your friends' homes? Many retailers offer furniture and decor options with mass appeal...and the masses always buy. The problem this creates is two fold: Everyone's home ends up looking the same, and everyone's home will look outdated in five years.
If you're ready for a uniquely styled and furnished home that will remain classy and true to your nature for decades - without looking like a copycat of your best friend's home - you may want to consider custom furniture and upholstery.


To begin customizing your home, start with the details that matter, the ones that provide both style and function. Most often, this includes the head board and foot board. While upholstered bedroom furniture is available everywhere, they all tend to have similar designs and fabric choices.

Make yours different and ensure that it flows with your other decor and furniture items by requesting custom upholstery. We'll work with you to choose the perfect fabric that meets your needs (stain resistant, durability, luxury, etc.) while completing your bedroom design.


Whether your home is ultra-modern, minimal, or farmhouse-traditional, handcrafted furniture will always bring an elevated presence. Custom wood furniture pieces last a lifetime, can be passed through to the next generation, can be re-upholstered as the times change, and carries a legacy all the while.

Whether you want to renew your grandmother's rocking chair with fresh fabric or updated cushions or you want to start a new legacy with your own custom, commissioned pieces, the investment you make now will reward your family for years.


Custom craftsmanship provides what mass-produced items simply cannot: Design details, character, uniqueness, and longevity. From adding studs, curves, and unique upholstery patterns to your custom sofa to creating something new out of a much-loved antique or flea market find, your home doesn't need to look like it was furnished by an assembly line, but by artisans that care about their craft and care about your home.



October 04, 2019


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